20 March 2011

AOTW- J.A. Saare

J.A. Saare

About the Author:
J.A. Saare is a multi-published author in varying genres and has written stories featured in horror magazines, zombie romance anthologies, and flash fiction contests. Her work has a notable dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music, and choices in reading, and have been described as “full of sensual promise,” “gritty and sexy,” and “a breath of fresh air.”

Currently she is penning numerous projects within the urban fantasy, erotic and contemporary, and of course, paranormal romance categories.

Those interested in her "naughtier" side can visit her alias, Aline Hunter, at www.alinehunter.com.
Q&A with J.A. Saare!
 Thank you for being here with us and answering a few questions!!

-How did you start writing?
I'd written things here and there in college, but never anything serious. Then, after my fourth child was born, I had an idea for a story. When I took a seat in from of the PC, I never imagined it would lead to publishing several books. Back then it was a way to have time to myself. An escape from reality if you will. It became something else entirely, which was rather shocking to me at the time.

-Where did you come up with the ideas for you book's, as J.A. Saare and Aline Hunter?
The J.A. Saare side of things was always Urban Fantasy oriented. It's one of my favorite genres. I'd already written two UF stories when I decided to write a bit of romance. Unfortunately, some readers were put off by the erotic context of the work, and I decided to create a new pen name for the "steamier" stories.  I get my ideas from all sorts of places. It can happen when I visit a historical site, or when I listen to music.

-Do you have a specific author that may have inspired you to write?
I'm a big fan of Patricia Briggs. I love her Mercy Thompson series. I would have to say that she, Kim Harrison, and Kelley Armstrong are three authors who make me want to be a better writer.

-Do you have an interesting writing quirk?
When I get in the mood, I'll shut the office door and write for hours.  Otherwise I'll jot down notes and allow my mind to rest. Sometimes the best ideas come when you're vegging in front of the television and that little light bulb goes off.

-Do you have plans for any new series as J.A. Saare?
Right now, I'm focusing on the Rhiannon's Law series (I'm writing the third book),  but I'm very anxious to return to another project: The Company of Wolves. It's been waiting patiently for me to write it, so I think when the third Rhiannon's Law book is complete, I'm going to return to the material. I also have an idea for a YA series that I might give a shot in the future.

Thanks for having me on the blog! ;-)


It was a pleasure having you here!!

Books by J.A. Saare
Rhiannon's Law Series
#1: Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between
#2: The Renfield Syndrome

Number one will be available at Mundania Press in May. Number two will be revised and released and out in August.
 Crimson Trilogy
#1: Crimson Moon
In Kindle and Paperback at Amazon

Stand Alone Titles
A Kiss Before Dying
Moon Kissed

Lick Of Frost
Soft As Moonlight
Hunger Undone
All titles available at Amira Press
-- (Free read at Niteblade)

Hungry for Your Love-- (In Paperback at Barnes&Noble)--
by Lori Perkins (Editor), Brian Keene, Gina McQueen, Lois Gresh, Isabel Roman, Stacy Brown, Francesca Lia Block, Dana Fredsti, Michael Marshall Smith, J.A. Saare, Elizabeth Coldwell, Jan Kozlowski, Regina Riley, Vanessa Vaughn, Mercy Loomis, Kilt Kilpatrick, Jeremy Wagner, Steven Saus, Jeanine McAdam, S.M. Cross, Stacey Graham, R.G. Hart
Creatures of the Night: Absolute XPress Flash Fiction Challenge #2-- (In Paperback at Amazon)
by Marie Andreas, Beth Caudill, Stef Donev, R.L. Stuemke, M. L. D. Curelas, Tina Hunter, M.L.D. Curelas, Cynthia Latzko, Sarah Melton, Tammy Lynde, Paul Monks, Jay Raven, J.A. Saare, Matthew Stroescu, Heather Wildman

Coming Soon
The Ripple Effect (Rhiannon's Law #3)-- Expected publication: 2012
Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy #2)-- Published 2011 by The Wild Rose Press

J.A. Saare's alter ego-- Aline Hunter

Books by Aline Hunter
Desires of the Otherworld Series
#1: Eternity and a Day
Available at Loose Id (eBook), Amazon (kindle) and Fictionwise (eBook)

Coming soon
Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon (Desires of the Otherworld, #2)
Omega Mine-- Erotic paranormal romance.
Make Me Shiver-- Contemporary erotic romance.

Also Find J.A. Saare/Aline Hunter At:
J.A. Saare Goodreads

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