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AOTW- Artie Van Why

Artie Van Why
About the Author:
Originally from Maryland, Artie Van Why moved to New York City in November of 1977 to pursue an acting career; albeit a slightly successful one.

Artie left show business in 1988 to enter the corporate world; as a word processor. He worked for the same law firm in midtown Manhattan for thirteen years. In June of 2001, his firm moved to other quarters downtown, across from the WorldTradeCenter. Artie was at work the morning of September 11th, and witnessed the horror of that day from the streets.

He quit his job after three weeks of being back at his office's building near what was now called Ground Zero. He began writing about his experience of that day and the days and weeks following, giving a vivid accounting of what it was like to be in New York City on that day in September, and afterwards. He sent some of his writings to friends and family via emails, and they, in turn, forwarded them to their friends and family. In a short period of time peopl…

AOTW- Nora Weston

Nora Weston
About the Author: Nora Weston’s fiction and poetry slips in-between and all around science fiction, fantasy, and horror. No one has ever accused her of being sane. The most terrifying things Nora has encountered are teenagers...with driving permits, and she’s taught five of these frightening creatures to drive. Her publishing credits include anthologies, magazines, and e-zines. She's had the pleasure of discussing her books and Internet safety on radio stations across the US. Melange Books released her science fiction adventure, Guardian 2632 in January 2011. Melange Books released Nora’s supernatural thriller, The Twelfth Paladin in June 2011. Bete Noire has just accepted her work. Download Nora's episodes on Blog Talk Radio’s show Not Picture Perfect and/or listen to her interview with B. K. Walker at Blog Talk Radio.

Interview with Nora Weston
Nora Weston is the author of GUARDIAN 2632 and The Twelfth Paladin.
HP: Nora before we get started talking about your novels …

AOTW- Mary Abshire

Mary Abshire

About the Author:
By day, I am a government employee. At night, I am a Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author. I love dark, mysterious, and dangerous creatures, especially vampires.

My interest of the paranormal started in my youth. I watched sci-fi and horror shows. During my teenage years, Anne Rice was my favorite author. In my early twenties, I dabbled with writing, but never pursued a writing career. Now that I am older, I can. A few years ago, I started writing novels and I haven't stopped.

I am a Pro Member of the RWA and Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter. I'm also a member of Savvy, ESPAN, and the Paranormal Romance Guild. I enjoy reading, writing, and chatting with others with similar passions.

Interview with Mary Abshire

Mary Abshire is the author of The Soul Catcher Series.
HP: Mary, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Mary Abshire:Well, I spend my days trapped in an office. At night, I'm free. And I do so love my free…

AOTW- Ayla Ruse

Ayla Ruse

About the Author: Handed a historical romance at the age of twelve, Ayla Ruse fell in love with love and with happy endings. Having grown up living life tasting a little of this and a little of that has not changed this attitude, but it's expanded her views. Love isn't always happy and it isn't always the way a person "thinks it should be." Sometimes it's outside the box, and it's always a challenge.

The challenge of finding and holding onto this love is what drives Ayla in her fiction. She likes stories that strip love -– among other things -- down to the skin and tests the attachment and beliefs of the participants. Sometimes that test can come in the form of multiple partners, overcoming a desperate fear or even being sexually inventive.

Ayla is published with Changeling Press and with Total E-Bound. You can contact her through her blog

Interview with Ayla Ruse
Ayla Ruse is author of The Deciding Factor an…