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AOTW- Emily Ward

Emily Ward
About the Author:

Emily Ward is the author of Passages, Finding Fiona, and The Protectors series. One of her first stories featured a young girl whose doll came to life. The rest is history. She spent years writing mainly fanfiction (thank you, J.K. Rowling!), but has since ventured into originality. When it comes to fiction, she writes mainly young adult, contemporary, and fantasy. She also writes nonfiction, ranging from stories of her travels to thoughts on the Bible. Aside from writing, she loves reading, traveling, learning about God, sociology, religion, and Reeses sticks. Currently, she lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband Chris and their cats. Visit her website at

Interview with Emily Ward

Emily Ward is author of Promising Light and its three prequel novellas, Finding Fiona, and other novel(s), novella(s) and short story’s.
Holly: Hi, Emily! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Emily Ward:Sure! My name's Emily, I'm married, and my …

AOTW- Jasmin Palo

Jasmin Palo

About the Author:

Jasmin Palo, an avid reader and writer, is currently earning her doctoral degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Nevada Reno. She used her decade of expertise in the field of medical research to write the thrilling medical mystery 'Heart Attack'.

Interview with Jasmin Palo
Jasmin Palo is author of the novel Heart Attack.
Holly: From what I understand besides writing you are also earning your doctoral degree in Molecular Biology?
Jasmin Palo:Yes I am earning a PhD in molecular biology. This is where I got some of the plot for Heart Attack that involves some aspects of biotechnology. 
Holly: Can you tell us a little about your novel, Heart Attack?
Jasmin Palo:Heart Attack is a cozy medical mystery novel that involves a pharmaceutical company called Witham. P.I Nathan Stone together with homicide detective Nicole Trent begin to investigate a homicide. They soon find out that people connected to Witham who have mysteriously died of heart failure may…

AOTW- Joann H. Buchanan

Joann H. Buchanan

About the Author:
The love of the written word is like a drug. A single thought can turn into miles across the ocean or a night in bed with someone you love. They are the very essence of my soul; I breathe them in everyday just to live. My heroes aren't the people who are rich and famous. They are the ones who aren't afraid to tattoo my heart with the words they write. The shadows between the pages are the undiscovered worlds and minds of the person who writes them.

Interview with Joann H. Buchanan

Joann H. Buchanan is author of I Am Wolf Book 1 of Children of Nox and Best selling novella Soulless Light.

Holly: Hello, Joann! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Joann H. Buchanan: Well, I’m a mom, radio show host, writer, Media Director of For You PR and well as you can see I do a lot. I love what I do though. :)

First I’m the mom of 5 beautiful children. Two are grown up and that leaves my daughters Sarah and Carolyne and my son Trystan. I also have an aweso…

AOTW- Morrigan Michele

Morrigan Michele

About the Author:
Morrigan lives in a small town in the heart of Texas with her husband Robert and their daughter Brianna. She is also an ordained minister and is active in her community.
When she is not busy working on a book,she enjoys spending time with friends and family and she loves to shop. Morrigan and her sister Misty also hope to one day open a coffee

Books by Morrigan Michele and Misty Carmony
Blood and Magick#1: Betrayed

Coming Soon
Immortal Lineage (Blood and Magick #2) by Morrigan Michele and Misty Carmony--Expected Publication Date: N/A

Find Morrigan Michele at:Her Blog | Her Book Site | Novel Facebook | Author Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blood and Magick site

AOTW- Charlotte Blackwell

Charlotte Blackwell

About the Author:

Charlotte Blackwell author of The Embrace Series is delighted to have the opportunity to follow her dreams of writing. She would love to share a little bit about her self with you now.

Charlotte was born in October of 1976. On the day of her birth Charlotte's father was racing stock cars, while her two older sister's watched from the stands as their father crashed through the wall of the race track. Within moments the stock car he was driving came back through the wall, and he won the race. He took his two daughters and hurried to the hospital for the birth of his third daughter, Charlotte.

Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Charlotte enjoyed swimming, singing (although not so great at it) and writing her thoughts down. She never shared her passion for writing with anyone, and it got...Read full bio here.

Interview with Charlotte Blackwell

Charlotte Blackwell is author of the Embrace series.
Holly: Hi Charlotte! Can you tell us a little bit about y…