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AOTW, Lisa V. Proulx

Lisa V. ProulxAbout the Author:I am a laid back 70's chick and author who is a feature writer and columnist for my local newspaper.

My first book, a vampire novel, PUNCTURE came out in 2004 and a short horror story, MOTHER'S MONSTER, was published in an anthology in 2005.

I am also the author of three published eBooks, DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS, BENEATH THE BATTLEFIELD and KING OF SHADOWS.

PUNCTURE was recently "re~vamped" and released as an eBook. It will be out again in paperback in 2012.

Last year I began working on a full length memoir that is now complete and shopping for an agent.

I have raised Rottweilers for over 13 years and I am a belly dancer! :)
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Interview with Lisa V. ProulxLisa V. Proulx is the author of Puncture, Mother’s Monster, Dragged Into Darkness, Beneath the Battlefield, King of Shadows and The Rainbow Won't Wait.
Holly: Hello, Lisa! :) Would you tell us a little about yourself?
Lisa V. Proulx: Hi Ho…