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AOTW- Jim Devitt

Jim Devitt
About the Author: Jim Devitt spent eight years working behind the scenes in a Major League clubhouse. After his time in professional baseball, Jim graduated from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, and then continued on to complete his Master of Science degree in Education from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Melissa and their son, Gavin.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Question and Answer with Jim:
Q: How did you come up with the character, Van Stone? A: The character of Van Stone had been bouncing around in my head for a while. I wanted to introduce a main character that kids could relate to in a real world. With so much paranormal happening, I wanted to offer an alternative. I’ve read my share of Twilight and Harry Potter and like that genre, but I wanted to offer something that Young Adults could relate to in everyday life. Van is just that, …

AOTW- J.A. Saare

J.A. Saare
About the Author:
J.A. Saare is a multi-published author in varying genres and has written stories featured in horror magazines, zombie romance anthologies, and flash fiction contests. Her work has a notable dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music, and choices in reading, and have been described as “full of sensual promise,” “gritty and sexy,” and “a breath of fresh air.”

Currently she is penning numerous projects within the urban fantasy, erotic and contemporary, and of course, paranormal romance categories.

Those interested in her "naughtier" side can visit her alias, Aline Hunter, at
~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Q&A with J.A. Saare!  Thank you for being here with us and answering a few questions!!
-How did you start writing?
I'd written things here and there in college, but never anything serious. Then, after my fourth child was born, I had an idea for a story. When I took a seat in from of …

AOTW- Ally Blue

Ally Blue

About the Author:
Ally Blue is acknowledged by the world at large (or at least by her heroes, who tend to suffer a lot) as the Popess of Gay Angst. She has a great big penis hat and rides in a bullet-proof Plexiglas bubble in Christmas parades. Her harem of manwhores does double duty as bodyguards and inspirational entertainment. Her favorite band is Radiohead, her favorite color is lime green and her favorite way to waste a perfectly good Saturday is to watch all three extended version LOTR movies in a row. Her ultimate dream is to one day ditch the evil day job and support the family on manlove alone. She is not a hippie or a brain surgeon, no matter what her kids’ friends say.

Books by Ally Blue
Bay City Paranormal Investigations Series
#1: Oleander House
#2: What Hides Inside
#3: Twilight
#4: Closer
#5: An Inner Darkness
#6: Where The Heart Is
#7: Love, Like Ghosts
#7.5: Snow Plowed
Available in ebook and print at Samhain Publishing.
Mother Earth…

AOTW- Jo Davis

Jo Davis

About the Author:
Bestselling author Jo Davis spent sixteen years in the public school trenches before she left teaching to become a full-time writer. Jo currently writes romantic suspense, erotic suspense, and paranormal erotic romance for New American Library. She's been multiple finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, has captured the HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, has been nominated for the Australian Romance Readers Award in romantic suspense, and has one book optioned as a major motion picture.
She is currently at work on a new contemporary vampire erotic romance series titled LORDS OF PLEASURE for NAL Heat (asJo Carlisle) and is also busy writing a new paranormal romance series for NAL/Signet Eclipse called Alpha Pack, scheduled to debut in August 2011 under the pen name of her new alter-ego, J.D. Tyler. Jo lives in Texas with her two teenagers.
Question and Answer with Jo Davis:
Holly, thanks for choosing me as you…