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AOTW- Ally Blue

Ally Blue

About the Author:
Ally Blue is acknowledged by the world at large (or at least by her heroes, who tend to suffer a lot) as the Popess of Gay Angst. She has a great big penis hat and rides in a bullet-proof Plexiglas bubble in Christmas parades. Her harem of manwhores does double duty as bodyguards and inspirational entertainment. Her favorite band is Radiohead, her favorite color is lime green and her favorite way to waste a perfectly good Saturday is to watch all three extended version LOTR movies in a row. Her ultimate dream is to one day ditch the evil day job and support the family on manlove alone. She is not a hippie or a brain surgeon, no matter what her kids’ friends say.

Books by Ally Blue
Bay City Paranormal Investigations Series
#1: Oleander House
#2: What Hides Inside
#3: Twilight
#4: Closer
#5: An Inner Darkness
#6: Where The Heart Is
#7: Love, Like Ghosts
#7.5: Snow Plowed
Available in ebook and print at Samhain Publishing.

Mother Earth Series
#1: Dragon's Kiss
#2: Shenandoah

Available at Samhain Publishing in various formats.

Love's Evolution Series
#1: Loves Evolution
#1.1: Hard Candy

Available at Samhain Publishing.
Multi-Author: The Collector Series
#1: Magical Chances by Mechele Armstrong
#2: Grave Heart by Emily Veinglory
#3: Cauldron by A.J. Matthews
#4: Eight Arms To Hold You by Ally Blue (Available in Paperback at Amazon.)
#5: The Crystal Flacon by Jeanne Barrack
#6: Love Cure by Kai Andersen
#7: This Time Forever by Lucynda Storey
#8: The Onyx Palace by Diane Charles Linford, Jade Rivers
#9: The Lost Temple of Karttikeya by Laura Baumbach

Stand Alone Tittles
The Happy Onion
Easy (Amazon)
Willow Bend
Untamed Heart (Amazon)
Eros Rising
Catching A Buzz
Fireflies (At Google eBookStore and Amazon.)

Forgotten Song
Naked Richmond
These Haunted Heights
Dead Men Don't Wash

If not said specifically titles can be found at either Amazon or Samhain Publishing. 

Temperature's Rising: A Midsummer's Night Steam
by Ally Blue, Amanda Young, Jade Buchanan, K.A. Mitchell
Shifting Sands (Amazon in Kindle edition)
by Jet Mykles, Willa Okati, Ally Blue, J.L. Langley, Kimberly Gardner, Brenda Bryce
Sex God
by Ally Blue, Annmarie McKenna, Mary Winter, Nicole Austin, Barbara Sheridan, Amanda Young, Marty Rayne
The Hustler
by Amanda Young, Marty Rayne, Maura Anderson, Tory Temple, Zoe Nichols, Ally Blue, James Buchanan, K.A. Mitchell, Maia Strong
Forbidden Love Issue One: Bad Boys
by Brenna Lyons, CJ England, Terri Pray, Ally Blue, Sapphire Phelan, Astrid Cooper, Brenda Williamson, Rian Monaire
Lover's Thrall
by Amanda Young, Keira Andrews, Maia Strong, Marty Rayne, Mary Winters, Tory Temple, Ally Blue, Emily Veinglory, James Buchanan, K.A. Mitchell
Hearts from the Ashes (In Paperback at
by Ally Blue, Willa Okati, J.L. Langley
A Kiss at Midnight
by Jules Jones, Ally Blue, Emily Veinglory
Foreign Boys (Kindle edition at Amazon.)
by Laura Baumbach, Ally Blue, William Maltese
Again if not said specifically titles can likely be found at either Amazon or Samhain Publishing.
Free Stories by Ally
Yo Ho Ho
Snow Plowed
A Very Adder Christmas
Cupcake Confessions
Hard Candy
Bo's Halloween Treat
Dangerous Games
Fireworks Fantasy
Into The Black
A Time To Keep
Sing It Again
Jingle Bell Fuck
Love You To Pieces
Happy Trails
In Dreams
In The Arms Of The River God
Taste of Sun and Sea
Bad Medicine
Orion's Belt
Make A Wish
Happiness Is A Warm Boy
Pure Morning After
Dream A Little Dream

Free stories are at Ally's website, Here.

Coming Soon
Convergence (Mother Earth book 3) - Tentative Release Date: Dec. 2011 from Samhain Publishing
Life, Love and Lemon Cookies- Release Date to be announced. 
Also Find Ally At:

Slash & Burn (Author Blog)
Blue On Blue (Her Blog)
Facebook Fan Page

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