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Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Mystery and More! reviews for free. We are accepting book submissions at this time as well as authors for the following features-- Author interviews, Giveaways, Guest Post, Spotlight Tuesday, Book Blog Tours, Featured Series, other features and Author of the Week every Monday. 

  • Book Spotlight is one book by an author including book info, description, picture, buy link(s), and a 'what people are saying about this novel:' section (1-3 snippets of reviews from reviewers), author bio, picture (if you want one) and links as well. Please note though that any review snippet's you send me, you are authorizing me to use them and that you have the reviewers’ permission to use them. If you do not ask them please before sending them to me. Please fill out this form here and I will get an email and feature date to you as soon as possible!
  • Featured Series is a series feature. It features the book description, information, book cover of up to three books in a series and a giveaway if the author wished to do one. If there are more than three books in the series the rest will be listed below and linked to either their Goodreads page or a buy link. Please fill out this form here and I will get an email and feature date to you as soon as possible!
  • FMB Virtual Book Blog Tours You can find out more about it and the tour packages available here. Do you not have time for Internet promo? Looking for book reviews but don’t have the time to set down and go through the bloggers to see if you fit into their niche? Then let FMB Blog Tours be your PR agent for all book promo! With a FMB Blog Tours you can get a full week to two weeks of what ever features you would like; book reviews, author interviews, character interviews, giveaways, promotional posts guest posts and more!

  • If you have questions please contact me.

    Thank you for thinking of Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Mystery and More!.


    Please read all of the below before you send me your book to review!

    Note: If you send me your book to review to review you are agreeing and acknowledging that you have read and accept everything below.

    ***In accordance with FTC guide lines I will state when I have received a book for free to review; it will clearly say so at the bottom of said review. Receiving a book for free to review does not affect my opinion of said book in anyway all opinions are 100% honest and my own. I do not receive money compensation for reviews; I accept books to review for free only in turn for honest reviews.***

    When contacting me:
    • Make sure you include pictures, descriptions, where to buy, information on book and more. Digital press-kits would be best if possible. Keep in mind formats I accept, it says so below.
    • Please make sure you include links to you, the book and author in question so I can do find information on it myself as well.
    • If you are contacting me about me hosting a giveaway/contest for you please make sure you include all the above but also who you would like it open to (US, Canada, International) age groups that can enter. Extra entries you would like to be available and any other information you think you would of use to me. Also make sure you read all giveaway policy's below.
    • Lastly please always be polite when requesting a review or other feature. Any request that do not meet these criteria will be deleted upon reading.
    Book genre's Reading with Holly reviews:
    • Contemporary
    • Western Romance
    • Crime
    • Some Horror
    • Fantasy/Urban and Dark Fantasy
    • Fiction
    • Historical Romance, some Fiction
    • Mystery/Thriller
    • Romance
    • Young Adult--No Children's books
    • Erotica (M/M, M/M/F, BDSM, M/F, F/F, M√©nage, etc)
    • Paranormal Romance
    • We do review Self-Published and Indie novels!
    • Paperback/Hardcover is always welcome and truthfully preferred-- though we do accept Ebooks. We accept PDF, MOBI, EPUB as well as LIT formats.
    Our turn-around time for reviews:
    • Sometimes we can have two or three done in one week other time we can't. Usually between 2-3 weeks 2 months at the longest unless I am really packed on my review schedule. We will let you know if that is the case.
    • If the book is an ARC it will be moved to the top of our list so we can post the review on or before the release date. If you have a time you want me to post ARC reviews (before the release date, after or on release date) please state it when you contact me! If not the ARC may not be reviewed by when you like.
    The other details:
    • We will not lie in my reviews, for any reason, so please do not ask me to, I will not be swayed on this! If we do not like your book we will state so as professionally and unbiased as we can, but the review will still be posted.
    • We will choose what books I review. If we have too many lined up I will tell you and if you like I can add you to my list and contact you back later. I do apologize in advance if that is the case.
    • If you do send me your book in paperback or hardcover you are responsible for shipping and handling cost and I can not held responsible if the book is damaged or lost in shipping. Further more all books sent to me are then my property to keep.
    • Please consider also if you are interested or can, providing a book for Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Mystery and More! to giveaway to readers as well. If you are considering this do not send the giveaway book to me! You would be responsible for sending and shipping/handling cost to the winner(s).
    Our Rating system:
    • 5 Stars- I absolutely loved it and I highly recommend it!
    • 4 Stars- I loved it, a must buy!
    • 3 Stars- I liked it.
    • 2 Stars- It was okay, but not my thing.
    • 1 Star- Didn't like it at all.

    Where reviews will be posted:
    Any of this may change at anytime or things may be added at anytime without notice to you. Please be sure to check back from time to time to check for updates on policies and terms and conditions.  

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