Interview: A Rumored Affair by Viki Lyn

Hi! Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thanks for having me today. I’m Viki Lyn, author of several M/M romances. Last year, I moved back to California (my home state) from Arizona. Moving into a new home was thrilling, but a time sink. We had lots of improvements to work on. Now that we’re settled in, I divide my time between writing and artwork. I’m reenergized and ready to write more books.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

I love my readers! And, I enjoy hearing from them: Readers are the reason why authors write. I hope my readers enjoy the lighthearted romance between Chris and Graham in A Rumored Affair.

Can you tell us a little bit about your book?

A Rumored Affair is a light romance, meaning my characters are flawed but not in a deep, dark angst-y way. Bad things happen, but not with dire earth shattering consequences. Presently the world is dark and vicious enough. I wanted to set a story in Big Sur, California. This special place has always held a fascination, with its bohemian history. And, I love the ‘opposites attract’ trope. Stubborn, introverted Chris falls for Graham who goes after what he wants.

You’re out demon hunting (because you’re that kind of awesome) and you come across one about to kill a young couple. He has not seen you yet; what is your first course of action?

I’m a mage (of course) and the first thing I’d do is cast a bitter cold spell and freeze the bastard.

Can we expect more novels from you in 2017/2018?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will happen. Mostly, I write with Vina Grey, so this means two schedules to work around. She’s extremely busy and travels a lot for her job. I’m busy with teaching art, enjoying my time with my sisters (why I moved back to CA), and painting. I always have good intentions of writing more books, but somehow life gets in the way.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Vina and I have a M/M romance at a publisher for consideration. Long, Tall Cowboy is set in a small town in Idaho. If the publisher doesn’t pick it up, we’ll self-publish the book next year. I also finished the final book in my Kresnik/vampire series published by Loose Id. I plan to send the ms to my editor this month. And, I’m in the middle of working on Forbidden Bite, a vampire romance between Angelo and Jude Mikhail from the Orbus Arcana series.

Do you think you will have a follow up book to this novel or is it just a stand-alone novel?

I’m waiting to see if the book sells well. If readers enjoy the setting and story, then there could be an interesting romance forming with Chris’s best friend, Honda, who has a major crush on Josh (who is the manager of Secretus resort and who had lost his husband).

What is the easiest part of writing in your opinion?

Coming up with the plot…love complicated ones so I’m always trying to streamline my ideas.

If you could live in one of your books or series’ which would you choose and why?

I would be a royal vampire living in the Orbus Arcana world. The cities have old world charm with all the conveniences. The vampires have such awesome powers and can travel anyplace, anytime, in an instant. That would save me so much money on airfare!

What are some of the pro’s and con’s of self-publishing verses being published by a publisher in your opinion?

I have done both. Personally, I prefer to be with a publisher. Editing is a must and can be costly when you self-publish. Also, you need to hire someone to convert your book to the right formats, and find a book cover artist. Amazon does make the process easier, but it is time consuming and takes away from writing.

The pros of self-publishing is the author gets a bigger percentage of the sales. You have more control over the book cover, and can set the price, fix errors and republish anytime. You can’t do that if you go with a publisher.

Random Quickies!

Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires

Witches or Zombies?  Witches

Favorite color? Red

Favorite genre to read? Murder Mysteries

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Dark Chocolate

M/M Contemporary Romance
Date Published: October 3, 2017
Publisher: Loose ID

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Vacationing at a gay resort is risky business for Winter Media’s CEO, Graham Winters. In negotiations for the purchase of an anti-LGBTQ publication, if found out he preferred men, the deal would collapse, along with Winter Media’s bottom line. But take a risk, Graham does. He can’t pass up two weeks where he can be himself.

But when Graham arrives at Secretus, there is no record of his reservation. Never one to take no for an answer, he coerces the owner of Secretus, Chris Katsaros, to let him stay in Chris’s home.

Winter Media owns one of the worst gossip rags in the country, so Chris has no choice but to agree to Graham’s terms. Chris keeps a low profile when it comes to Secretus, securing a safe environment where high profile gays can relax without media hounding their every move. An introvert by nature, Chris has a difficult time letting anyone into his life. As a foster kid, he had never experienced love until adopted by Pete and Bob.

Forced to entertain Graham, Chris finds they have more in common than he ever thought. The attraction between them is real, and Chris’s guarded heart begins to thaw.

About the Author

Multi-published and award winner, Viki Lyn is a successful writer of gay paranormal and contemporary romance. After reading and collecting whatever she could get her hands on, she wrote her first male/male romance. And that was ‘it’ for her. She never looked back. Viki travels the world in search of inspiration. She considers herself blessed to have traveled to many of the mystical sites she had dreamed about as a child. Her travel experiences have been influential in creating her paranormal worlds. When she needs to relax, she calls a friend to meet at their favorite coffee house. When the chattering in her head goes off the charts, she plays one of her favorite RPGs on her PS4 and immerses herself in the world of dragons and magic.

You can email Viki at

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