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About the Author:

Charlotte Blackwell author of The Embrace Series is delighted to have the opportunity to follow her dreams of writing. She would love to share a little bit about her self with you now.

Charlotte was born in October of 1976. On the day of her birth Charlotte's father was racing stock cars, while her two older sister's watched from the stands as their father crashed through the wall of the race track. Within moments the stock car he was driving came back through the wall, and he won the race. He took his two daughters and hurried to the hospital for the birth of his third daughter, Charlotte.

Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Charlotte enjoyed swimming, singing (although not so great at it) and writing her thoughts down. She never shared her passion for writing with anyone, and it got...Read full bio here.

Interview with Charlotte Blackwell

Charlotte Blackwell is author of the Embrace series.

Holly: Hi Charlotte! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Charlotte Blackwell: I’m a mother two three amazing children. For the past six years, I’ve been a stay at home mom to them. Now my youngest has started school and my oldest (who is homeschooled) enters High school next year, Wow that makes me feel old (haha). I love life, family and friends and am so glad to share little bits of that with others now.

Holly: Do you remember how and when you first began writing?

Charlotte Blackwell: It really wasn’t that long ago when I began write professionally. I started writing Immortal Embrace in November/December 2009. In the spring of 2010 I began writing various articles and became a contributor for Yahoo and other sites. I even began getting paid. It was great. Before that any writing I did was just letters and notes for myself to express my feelings. As a kid I tried writing songs, but sucked!

Holly: Can you tell us a little about the first novel in the Embrace series, Immortal Embrace?

Charlotte Blackwell: Immortal Embrace is where it all starts and the reader gets to know the characters. It builds the setting for the rest of the series. There’s a few exciting parts and a lot of relationship building. Readers of Twilight will really enjoy this book and relate to it.

Holly: What was your original inspiration for this novel?

Charlotte Blackwell: My children are the inspiration for it. Sophia the lead character is based of both myself and my eldest daughter. Sophia is fairly insecure and soon learns to come out of her shell and believe in herself more and more. I hope to get the message to my daughter and others like her that it’s okay to allow others in. Sometimes it’s difficult making new friends, but if you don’t give others a chance to like you for who you are, you could miss out on some really amazing friends.

Holly: Did it start off as the idea for a series or just the first novel Immortal Embrace?

Charlotte Blackwell: I always wanted it to be a series. Although I was never sure if I could pull it off. Immortal Embrace originally had about a quarter of Forbidden Embrace in it as well. I later decided to split it up and separate the story a little more. Each book continues where the last one left off, but have their own separate identity and plot.

Holly: Forbidden Embrace again follows Sophia Pierce and her story can you tell us a bit about this novel?

Charlotte Blackwell: As I said the first book we get to know the characters, but in book 2 a lot more happens. There’s action and romance and we really see Sophia’s relationship forge strong connections. We even learn why some of the characters are they way they are.

Holly: In the newest novel Mystic Embrace we follow Ebony Triggs. Can you tell a little about this novel and why the series has suddenly switched to a different character focus?

Charlotte Blackwell: Mystic Embrace is my favorite of the three so far. I decided to switch POV’s because Ebony really had a story that needed to be told. It still follows the rest of the series and characters, but we learn a lot more about Sophia’s best friend. She has had a hard life, and things don’t get any easier for her. So much happens in this book, and I was even surprised at some of the developments of it. It was fun writing Ebony’s story, but book four does return to Sophia’s POV.

Holly: Was the change of focus to Ebony planned or did it play out on its own?

Charlotte Blackwell: I actually wrote Mystic Embrace before I finished Forbidden Embrace. I knew Ebony would have a lot happening and it wouldn`t be fair to her if Sophia told it.

Holly: Do you plan a fourth book in this series?

Charlotte Blackwell: As I mentioned book four returns to Sophia`s POV, it is almost complete and called Everlasting Embrace. In this book we meet even more characters and even see another story play out.

Holly: Do you think you will move into other genre(s) writing wise in the future?

Charlotte Blackwell: I do have a contemporary romance for adults in the works, but had to put it to the side. I have some really amazing fans that want more of the Embrace Series. I`ve been averaging a new book in the series every few months. It`s been hard and rewarding at the same time. Once book four is done, I plan to finish my romance before returning to the Embrace Series. I also have some plans for amazing sci-fi books. I hope to begin work on soon too.

Holly: Are you perhaps working on anything at the moment?

Charlotte Blackwell: For the time being it is Everlasting Embrace, but will return to the others when I take a little break.

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Charlotte Blackwell: I love my readers. They are so supportive and understanding, I wouldn`t still be writing if it wasn`t for them. So thank you.

Holly: Can you tell us about some of the items in your shop, Embraced With Love?

Charlotte Blackwell: Everyone loves to have the chance to get merchandise related to the books or films they love. I created a very simple shop that includes my tag lines, covers and even the Magnificent Ones, triquetra from the book of shadows. I thought it would be fun to have anything you wanted. I was able to set the prices and decided I didn`t want a huge mark-up. (some of the items are expensive enough). I didn`t open the shop to make money, I did it so fans could have Embrace merchandise. I`ve even ordered the teddy bear for a little girl I heard about, that was going in to surgery and needed a little something to cuddle.

Thank you for having me on the blog, Holly!

Holly: Thank you for being here, Charlotte! :)

Books by Charlotte Blackwell
Embrace Series
#1: Immortal Embrace
#2: Forbidden Embrace
#3: Mystic Embrace

Coming Soon
Everlasting Embrace (Embrace #4)--Expected Publication Date: January 2012
The Embrace Series companion book--Expected Publication Date: N/A

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