New Fantasy Romance Novel from Sabrina A. Fish
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Diomere's ExileDIOMERE'S EXILE
Sabrina A. Fish
Series: The Gate Keeper Chronicles Book 1
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: September 29, 2017
An exiled woman seeking redemption, and the man who distracts her from finding it.
Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.
Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned.
Nadia de Quinones was exiled when her nephew, the crown-prince was abducted on her watch. She'll let nothing stand in the way of her redemption, not even discovering her heartbonded and a connection to an ancient magical gate.
Lord Gregor Cyrene is sworn to protect his country's royal heirs. After the youngest prince's life is threatened, Gregor sets out to discover who is responsible and suspects the answer lies with Nadia.
When fate forces their competing goals to align, neither are prepared for the irresistible attraction between them. Can they see beyond their pasts and a millennia old hate between their people? Or will they continue to distrust, allowing those plotting against them to win?
This is an excellent, fast-paced story that held my attention from beginning to end. Prepare yourself - the love scenes are hot, hot, hot!
- Staci, Goodreads Reviewer
Secrets, lies, magic, love, lust and betrayal made for an excellent read. Recommended.
- Errin Krystal, Goodreads Reviewer

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DELETED SCENE ~The Prologue ~ Diomere’s Exile

Isere, Diomere-12 Years Ago
Nadia stifled a yawn as the nursemaid's quiet melody wrapped around her, reminding her of times as a young girl when her mother would hum the same song. Inhaling the warm island breeze coming in through the window, she sank further into the song’s tightening embrace. Resting her head on her mother’s lap, she sighed as gentle fingers combed through her long hair. Her eyelids grew heavy.
“I love you, mami.”
She jerked awake and, cursing under her breath, glared out the open window. Getting caught sleeping on her first assignment, even if the assignment was boring beyond tolerance, wouldn’t prove to her skeptical superiors that she could handle such an important position at only twenty years of age. Especially when those superiors looked for any reason to overturn the queen’s decision.
She ran her left hand down the braid hanging over her shoulder and glanced up to see the nursemaid’s gaze following the gesture. Releasing the braid, she dropped her hand to rest on the hilt of her sword. The corner of the nursemaid’s mouth lifted and Nadia clenched her jaw. The woman, a distant relation of the royal line, knew Nadia didn’t trust her. Though she didn’t doubt the woman truly cared for the young prince, her instincts told her to be wary. Like the rest of the royal family, Jasara was more than she appeared.
Her gaze fell to the infant, heir to the island nation of Diomere, cradled
in the nursemaid’s arms. She couldn’t help the swell of pride at being trusted with such a precious charge. The babe opened his dual-colored eyes as if sensing her attention. She met that piercing, too aware gaze. She’d do well to appreciate the dullness of her assignment, for something told her it wouldn’t always be easy keeping him from harm.
She'd tried to convince her sister to find another to care for the child, but the Queen just smiled and said, “Jasara is a distant cousin, family, and she loves my son. Between her care and your strength, my sweet boy couldn't be in safer hands.” The Queen had laughed at Nadia's scowl. “If you feel that uneasy, move your things into the other nursemaid chamber. Jasara didn't want help so it remains empty.”
Nadia ran her hand along the pommel of her sword, running her fingers along the raised edges of the leather wrap. She turned her gaze toward the moonlit ships anchored in the harbor outside the prince's window, their yellow sails furled, the royal crest hidden in the folds. Lanterns bobbed on the decks of three of the great ships, readying to sail as soon as the sun rose. Flower blooms, white petals glowing silver in the moonlight, floated in the water around the ships as an offering to the gods in supplication for fair winds and calm seas.
She stared at the warm sea water that invited her to call her other form and dive beneath the waves. Her skin tingled as a’mi, the power that made her and her family different from most on this side of the gate, swelled inside her.
Once again, Jasara began to hum. Nadia ignored the sea’s call and pushed her a’mi back into the pool of power deep inside her. Shrugging her shoulders as it fought her control, she scowled at the other woman. Why hadn't Jasara wanted the help of another nursemaid? Where had she been the year before the prince was born? And why had she felt the need to return and offer to care for the royal heir? Instinct or a’mi, Nadia wasn’t sure there was a difference, told her that the older woman was hiding something. But what?
She scanned the large sitting room, her sharp gaze delving into every corner and shadow. Both nursemaid chambers, the prince’s chamber, a school room, a music room, an art room, and a dining space opened up to the nursery’s main sitting room from three sides, while floor to ceiling windows stretched across the remaining wall. Nadia never closed her door and got up to stand guard each time the baby awoke. Other than annoyed glances and tight-lipped smiles, Jasara did nothing that Nadia could see wrong. Shrugging her shoulders, she forced her gaze back to the harbor. She stepped forward, her eyes narrowing.
Jasara stopped humming. “Is all well, Capit├ín?”
A slow fog rolled in from the sea, spilled around the ships, and crept toward the castle like long fingers intent on squeezing the life from the island people. A prickle of unease crawled up her back. Calling her a’mi, she reached out with her power, attempting to connect to the water making up the thick cloud of fog. She pushed, commanding the fog to recede. It charged forward as if responding to someone else. She narrowed her gaze, pulling from the deep well of power inside her, and stepped forward, bending the fog to her will. Slowing to a halt, the dense blanket of fog receded back toward the sea. Nadia shrugged the tension from her shoulders.
“A heavy fog rolled in. I thought—” She darted a look at Jasara’s bemused smile. “—nothing. It was nothing.”
Glowering at the thick fog hovering above the water, she ignored Jasara’s lifted brow and closed the window. She returned to her position, shoulders back. Jasara started to hum again. The soft melody slowly chased the uneasy feelings to the back of Nadia's mind. It threaded through her subconscious, wrapping in heavy layers around her mind. Her shoulders relaxed. She really did need to ease up on the woman. It was clear by the smile on Jasara's face that she loved the baby very much. She'd done nothing to warrant Nadia's constant scrutiny.
Drifting in a dreamlike haze, she relaxed her grip on the sword at her hip, though she didn't release it completely. Her eyelids drooped. She watched the woman rock the child as if from a far distance. Her head fell back to rest against the wall, but her subconscious fought against letting her eyelids close.
Fingers of fog crept over the window sill and slowly reached toward the sleeping infant. Becoming louder, Jasara’s song changed. She inhaled the fog and blew it toward Nadia. Her eyes closed and she slid down the wall.
Pain burned across her cheek, breaking the hold on her mind. Nadia's eyes snapped open. Jasara spoke and her awareness dimmed. Her eyes drooped, but she refused to let them close again. Jasara leaned over Nadia, her bright red hair brushing softly against Nadia's chest. She touched Nadia's cheek. The burning subsided. Unease pushed at the dream state surrounding her. Why was she on the floor?
Her unease strengthened. “Siren. You’ve bespelled me.”
A deprecating smile softened the woman’s face. “A small amount siren, a small amount seer, but only enough to be of use on occasion. Nothing compared to you and your sisters.” Her gaze sharpened and bore into Nadia’s. “Remember this, dear cousin. Even the weakest can overtake the strongest if they are cunning. Beware treachery from those you don’t consider a threat.”
Nadia frowned through the haze holding her captive. “I knew—” she struggled to keep hold of her thoughts “—something off about you.”
“Your instincts will serve you well as the first Sankta Hogo-sha,” Jasara said softly. She smoothed a pale hand over Nadia's brow. “Don't be too long.”
Nadia lifted her eyebrows as Jasara's words slowly cut through the haze in her mind. “What is Sankta...” her voice faded as the haze thickened.
“It is time for the Sankta Hogo-sha to make themselves known. The gates must be opened. I'm sorry, mia sarko kuraga, but this is the only way. Come find him or all will be lost.”
She knew she should question Jasara’s words, but the haze tightened until unconsciousness swallowed her.


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About Sabrina A. Fish

Sabrina A. Fish
Sabrina A. Fish lives in Oklahoma with her husband, son, and two cats, where she owns a trophy company and collects names for her novels from lists of award's recipients. She loves all things chocolate and her husband is sweet enough to never let the candy dish near her computer become empty.
She loves and advocates being involved in the local writing community, and is President for the 2018 Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc (OWFI).
She is an annual featured speaker at The Rose State Writing Conference and has been a panelist at Wizard World Comic Con.
Born and raised in Oklahoma, she considers the three years she spent in a Texas high school to be a short trip down the rabbit hole that ended at graduation. She returned to Oklahoma where she received her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER.
When she isn't writing & promoting her novels or running her company, she can be found reading, scrapbooking, or spending quality time with her family.
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