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What Roman and April Can Teach Us About Relationships

My book, “The Divinity Bureau,” comes out September 21st. It’s a dystopian romance about a forbidden love between a young activist and a government employee, set in a world where a government bureau decides who lives and who dies by random selection.
Roman and April have an interesting dynamic. April is the outspoken daughter of a politician. She’s bold, brash, and not afraid to take control of a situation. Roman, on the other hand, is her opposite. He’s an IT technician for The Divinity Bureau, a government agency that’s in charge of controlling overpopulation by deciding who lives and who dies. He’s sweet, intelligent, gentle – and he is absolutely head over heels in love with April.
I started writing The Divinity Bureau when I was nineteen years old, and it was based on what I knew about relationships. At the time, that knowledge was limited to romance books and one long-term relationship that ended in tears.
Yet while romance novels are famous for coming up with
creative grand gestures, they’re notably absent in The Divinity Bureau. Sure, April brings Roman coffee to apologize after they get into a fight. Or they go out to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Though I figured out early on that I didn’t believe in many of the tropes that were perpetuated in the books that I was reading.
While their relationship begins due to their attraction to each other, they stay together throughout the rest of the book by learning to trust one another, learning to communicate, and ultimately through their dedication to each other. Their relationship isn’t perfect; sometimes, they step on each other’s toes. Other times, they wonder what they’re doing with the other person.

It isn’t always fireworks. Roman doesn’t bring April flowers, and April isn’t shy about her feelings like most romantic heroines. Yet to me, their love is in the little moments, such as when they attempt to cook together or when they’re lying in bed in complete silence. Their love is in their adoration, respect, and admiration for each other. And that’s the best kind of love of all.

Dystopian Romance
Date Published: September 21st, 2017

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Publisher: Asset Creative House

The Hunger Games meets Romeo and Juliet in a stunning debut about a forbidden romance between a young activist and a government employee for a corrupt bureau that controls the population by deciding who lives and who dies.

Roman Irvine is a disgruntled IT Technician for the Divinity Bureau, a government agency that uses random selection to decide who lives and who dies. In a world where overpopulation has lead to pollution, a crippled economy, and a world in crisis, he’s accepted the bureau’s activities as a necessity… until he meets April McIntyre.
April has every reason to be suspicious of Roman. He works for the Divinity Bureau, which sent her father to an early grave. But he’s also sweet and loyal, and unbeknownst to her, he saved her life. As Roman and April fall deeper in love, the deeper they’re thrust into the politics of deciding who lives and who dies. Someone wants April dead. And the bureau’s process of random selection may not be so random after all…

About the Author

Tessa Clare is the author of The Divinity Bureau. When she’s not writing, she’s an entrepreneur, an activist, a speaker, and the Managing Director of Asset Creative House. Throughout her early career, she was a concession stand attendant, a busgirl, a barista, a player’s club representative for a casino, and an administrative assistant. She also spent years working as a manager for Vacasa, whose business model and revolutionary marketing strategies would later inspire the groundwork for Asset Creative House. The Divinity Bureau is Tessa’s debut novel about a forbidden love between a young activist and a government employee working for a corrupt bureau, set in a dystopian world.

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