17 October 2012

Interview with Lenore Wolfe, author of Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk!

Please help me welcome author Lenore Wolfe to Reading with Holly today!

Holly: Hi Lenore! Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lenore Wolfe: I grew up in Montana and Alaska. In Montana, my great-grandmother was one of the many pioneer women who made her way in the Wild West. She worked. She toiled. She raised three children on her own when her drunk husband took off and left her in the the small town of York, Montana. And I quickly learned a small child--she may have been under five foot tall, but even in her eighties and nineties, you didn't want to let that fool you--for her spirit, her fight, far out-weighed anyone I had known, then, or since. She was, and still is, the toughest lady I have ever met. And whenever there were times in my life, whenever I thought my own journey had become much too tough, I would stop and think--how on earth had she done it? I would think about all the brave women who helped to make America, and I would be inspired--never quit. Never say die. And never let the enemy know he almost had you.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your book Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk?

Lenore Wolfe: Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk is a journey into the Wild West with Hawk where you first meet a six year old boy who witnesses his father and renegade friends kill every single one of their friends on the wagon train with whom they were traveling west. You next follow the boy on a journey, set in motion that day, as he meets his destiny when a Cheyenne warrior finds him and adopts him into their clan. And get a glimpse of that destiny through the warrior's eyes, when he witnesses the way the boy looks out across the prairie grasslands at his dead friends littering the ground whose sightless eyes stare up into the deep blue sky, and knows--the boy would not rest--until his friends no longer cried out to him in his sleep.

That was the day Hawk was born--and a boy learns the meaning of an anger that burns deep within--in a place that knows no rest.

Then you will follow Hawk on his quest as it takes him to the wild and untamed town of Cheyenne, Wyoming where he meets Mandy--and he learns how she has been fighting a battle of her own with a cattle baron who has murdered her father. But when Hawk gets shot, and she becomes his nurse, the two of them learn what they share in common--and what secret they share--that will tear them apart.

Holly: Which came first for you, the characters or the plot?

Lenore Wolfe: The characters came to me first, and they told me their story.

Holly: What was the inspiration for this novel?

Lenore Wolfe: My great-grandmother's and my father's stories about the true Wild West.

Holly: Are you working on anything at the moment?

Lenore Wolfe: I've released the first in an on-going saga, The Fallen One from Sons of the Dark Mother, a dark fantasy. There are three sister series to this coming out: the Children of Atlantis series; the YA Realm of the Jaguar Witch series; and the Daughters of the Dark Moon series. And I have another YA series coming out later this fall, from Realm of the Elemental Witch.

Holly: How much of you or people you know do you think make it into the characters in your novel(s)?

Lenore Wolfe: LOL Interesting people can always influence characters, but someone who does something bad to a writer will always find themselves cast in a part of a book somewhere:)

Holly: Do you think you will have a follow up book to this novel or is it just a stand-alone novel?

Lenore Wolfe: All of my books have follow up books coming out in the near future and these can be followed on Goodreads.

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Lenore Wolfe: Never give up on your dreams.

Holly: When did you realize that you would like to write and publish a book?

Lenore Wolfe: I was a teen when I would be reading a book, and I first started thinking that I could do that, I could write a book. But I was in my twenties when started to think seriously about actually doing it.

Holly: Can you tell us some of your latest news, what are your plans for 2012/2013?

Lenore Wolfe: I invite you to add up-coming books at Goodreads and see when they will be published. You can also find links to the websites for these at Http://authorlenorewolfe.blogspotcom

Holly: Don't forget to give us links to your website, etc.

Lenore Wolfe: http://authorlenorewolfe.blogspot.com



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