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Review: Jacob's Trial (Forbidden Legacy #2) by Heather Long

Don't miss the steamy excerpt below after my review! :)

4 Stars
Title: Jacob’s Trial
Series: Forbidden Legacy #2
Author: Heather Long

Genre: Erotica, Fantasy, Menage,
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Pages: 225

Book Strand

Book Description:

New alliances are threatened…

Wizard Jacob, Fae Helcyon and their paramour Cassandra have set up a household together. Jacob and Helcyon have accepted the other in Cassie’s life, but they must work to realize that they need each other too in order to become a true trio.
Dark pacts are revealed… 

The Fae are trending world wide, but the arrival of many dangerous beings, old foes and new friends bring about charges of treason for Jacob and a new danger for Cassie.  Intrigue closes in on all sides as factions jockey for power in the divided Wizard Council.

One legacy may unite them…

Helcyon and Jacob are determined to keep the woman they love safe, but danger lurks at every turn and the old ways threaten their future. 

My Review:

Jacob’s Trail is the second installment of author Heather Long’s Forbidden Legacy series. I have not picked up book two in this series yet but I have to say that though I now want to read book one (Cassandra's Dilemma) I was never once confused as to what was going while reading this novel.

In Jacob’s Trial I assume we are picking up close to where the first book left off as the characters talk about how not much time has past since they met and everything plot wise started happening.

Cassandra Belle is a media consultant turned…something. She draws in other people’s magic, like her two handsome men (a surly wizard named Jacob and laid-back Fae named Helcyon) and she can use it to, as soon as she learns how of course which she seems pretty reluctant to do. Jacob and Helcyon are unsure really what she is, as there are no female Wizards and the Fae have long since (until recently ) been trapped in Underhill. They only thing the do agree on is that it s best if no one else finds out.

That plan is blown to heck though when a demand from the Wizard Council’s inquisitor general demands that Jacob bring her for trial in three days.

Having magic may just condemn Cassie to death if something is not figured out soon—but the inquisitor general isn’t the only one with a interest in getting Cassie, another portion on Wizards, the Fae and the Wizard who she used to call friend is out to get her as well.

All Cassie wants to do is be with her men and do her job. Loving both Jacob and Helcyon was easy but posed a problem until both men pledged themselves to her, agreeing to the three way relationship, when they realized she would not/could not choose. There is just one problem with their new relationship…

Wizards and Fae do not get along. Years (and years) ago the Wizards and Fae had a war which ended with the Fae being trapped and withering away to nothing in Underhill. Their species well on the way to extinction because they were not breeding much and their magic/self faded away, all of that changes when they are freed from Underhill. But, the Wizards are not happy about them being out—of course they themselves are a dwindling race as Wizards are born of a Fae and Human.

You literally cannot have the one without the other, but most (the majority) of Wizards do not really seem concerned about that, they just want the Fae gone.

In this book we mostly get the solidification of their relationship, as above the Fae and Wizards do not get along, so sharing Cassie has been hard on them both but more so on Jacob.

The one thing I do wonder and it was probably a big thing in book one but was not mentioned that I remember in this book: I am unsure how the Fae got out of Underhill, so again I assume Cassie was the cause or at least helped but don’t take my word on that, it was just the vibe I got from this book. I know for sure she is the one who pulled them into the media spotlight though because she is still working as a media consultant in this book.

Overall this book is fast paced with a plot that kept me intrigued—not to mention the two sexy men—throughout the book. It is by no means filled to the brim with erotic sex screens but Long gives a more than a few and the sexual undercurrent manages to stay constant between Cassie, Jacob and Helcyon through the whole book as if the clothes could come off at any moment.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Heather Long’s work and anyone looking for a good fantasy ménage novel. I do recommend picking up the first book in the series first though even though I did not have any problems with picking up the second book first it will probably give you a better overall understanding of both the characters and plot.
*I received a hardcover/paperback/eBook copy/ARC of this book for free to review from the author/publisher/tour site; this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Her gaze dipped to the silken ropes in his hands. “What are those for?”
“Control.” He circled the bed, drawing the ties across his palms. “Put your hands up to the headboard.”
Her teeth dragged against her lower lip. He hardened at the action. His cock jerked as he recalled the feeling of her mouth wrapping around him, pulling him deep into her throat, and the greedy way she swallowed every drop of seed. Exhaling slowly, he reasserted his control. Her lip biting was her tell. He always knew that her mind worked through the possibilities when she worried that soft, lush lower lip.
He waited, drinking in the shift of her hips and the roll of her bottom against the bed. Excitement beat in her pulse, flooding her body with the fire he longed to bury himself into, stoking that furnace until it consumed them both. But she needed control, and here, in this bedroom, she would learn how to take that power by submitting to the need for it.
Lips pursing, Cassandra raised her arms and pushed her hands against the slats of his headboard. He allowed another smile, this one warm with approval. Moving swiftly, he wrapped the silken ties around her wrists before threading them through the slats. Firm and secure but not tight enough to be painful. Cassandra watched him wordlessly, the tempest of her desire banked against the curiosity he could sense shimmering the air around her.
But she said nothing, and he paused to slant his mouth across hers, a long, wet kiss that invited her tongue to duel. She murmured a groan against his mouth, and Helcyon dragged his lips away, containing the need to devour her.
She growled, and he slid his hands down her sides to pinch her round bottom, enjoying the buck of her hips. “Lesson number one, if you want something, you have to be able to reach for it.”
Her mouth opened, aggravation warring with desire for a foothold in her expression. She tugged her arms, but they remained bound to the headboard. Feathering his hand over her hip, he traced the fine line curving her abandon, barely brushing across the soft, autumn-kissed curls at the juncture of her thighs.
“If I am supposed to reach for it, why did you tie me up?” The words were husky with emotion.
He stroked his hand down her left thigh, exploring the contour of the muscle flexing beneath his caress. “You think your enemies will be fair with you. That they will give you quarter. But why should they?”
Sweeping his hand up the inside of her thigh, he pressed her legs apart, smiling at the dewy flesh and swollen clit. She pushed up against his hands, trying to lift her hips. Feeling how slick it was with need, he grazed his fingertips lightly across the scorching heat of her pussy, never quite touching the soft flesh.
He chuckled at the wordless snarl of demand, combing the curls of her pussy with his thumb, dipping it down to warm the air above her clit but not quite touching it. “Why should they concede to you anything you want if you can’t take it?”
Steeling himself against the throb of blood pulsing through his cock, he stretched out, slanting his body against hers and indulging himself in a long, slow rub along her naked, quivering flesh. Every muscle in her body clenched and his protested the denial, but he watched her fevered expression. Her lips twitched, opening and closing as though she couldn’t find the words.
Her nipples speared against his chest, their turgid points pebbled to such hardness that the rub of his shirt incited them. He nibbled a path along her upraised bicep, enjoying the spicy musk of her want perfuming the air. Bracing his feet he stroked the length of his cock against her pussy. His pants constricted against his cock and his balls drew up, the pain so close to the edge of bliss that it took every ounce of his control to keep him from sinking home into the sexy little furnace.
The whisper of fabric rasped against her and Cassandra thrashed, but he couldn’t quite reach her clit. The barrier of clothing prevented it, and he lavished his attention across her shoulders, circling her breasts and teasing the desperate nipples flushed dark red with need.
“Lesson number two.” The words clogged in his throat, but he pushed them out, fighting the urge to take one perfectly rosy nipple in his mouth to suckle. He longed to slide down her body and suck that hot little clit into his mouth until she came and he could lick her clean and begin again.
But he focused on the lesson at hand. “You must change the rules if you want to take control back.”
“How?” The wail of sound peaked. He could almost feel her heart slamming against her ribs. He turned his head against her, listening to the wild cadence kickboxing inside her chest.
“Remove the barriers you don’t want to be there…focus…take from me what you want.” Fisting his hands into the comforter, he ground himself against her pussy, his cock desperate to be free. Desire threatened to completely shred his control, but he shackled the lust. Cassandra needed him, and if he could walk through fire for her, he could suffer the brutal pinch of his balls’ impending explosion.

Heather Long lives in Texas with her family and their menagerie of animals. As a child, Heather skipped picture books and enjoyed the Harlequin romance novels by Penny Jordan and Nora Roberts that her grandmother read to her. Heather believes that laughter is as important to life as breathing and that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are very real. In the meanwhile, she is hard at work on her next novel.


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