02 July 2012

Guest Post: The Fourth of July and Romance by Denise McCray

Please help me welcome author Denise McCray to Reading with Holly!

            I know, you’re wondering what the Fourth of July has to do with romance. Let me tell you, Valentine’s Day is not the only day made for lovers.
            Since it’s a national holiday, many people have the day off. Yeah, you could spend it outdoors from dawn to dusk with the family, picnicking and what not. But it’s also a great day to stay at least part of the time indoors with your significant other. Let others worry about the BBQ and fireworks. You’ll be setting off your own sparks in the bedroom (or kitchen or patio).
            So, maybe you two (or three, you know what I mean) decide to head out and have some quality time with the family in a park. While the others are grilling and having a great time, maybe you can slip away and let it all hang loose. You know, let nature do its thing. Just make sure no prying eyes are about and don’t scare the wildlife.
            Now, you’ve worked up an appetite, and it’s time to get your grub on. After you’ve eaten your fill of hot dogs, burgers, ribs and corn on the cob (yum!), end your meal by feeding your lover an array of fresh fruit. Yeah, skip Aunt Dot’s fabulous seven layer Fourth of July cake. You don’t want to go to sleep yet.
            Everyone has eaten and the kids want to play games. Go ahead and participate in the three-leg race. It’ll give you an excuse to get closer to your lover and when you fall, which you know will happen, you’ll have the opportunity to cop a feel or two ;-)
            Now the day is almost over and the light show is about to begin. Everyone has snagged a blanket and is sitting back, excited to see and heat the explosions above. How about heading off to a secluded part of the park and making your own fireworks? It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.
            Make our nation’s birthday one to remember, in more ways than one. I know I will :D

Title: Wishing for Love (1NS)
Author: Denise McCray
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 9,000 words
Genre(s): Erotic Interracial/Multicultural Paranormal Romance

Available at:

As a witch, Luvenia Spells has the worst luck in the world. With a snap of her fingers, she can grant anyone their deepest desires, except herself. All she wants is a man to love and for him to love her in return.

Marcus Rush is a man used to getting what he wants. With a stellar career and women tripping over themselves to get next to him, what more can a fellow ask? For a start, a real woman not looking for material things is at the top of his wish list.

Can Marcus fulfill Luvenia’s wish for love?


“Ms. Spells?”

Veni quickly opened her eyes and tried to look wide-awake. A bellman stood before her with a bemused look on his face.

Awkwardly righting herself in the chair, Veni responded with a noise somewhere between a grunt and a snort. Real classy, Veni. The poor man struggled to maintain a professional expression, but could not hold it together and allowed a wide grin to split his face. “Your room is now ready,” he said holding out her key cards.

All but snatching them from his grasp, Veni dug into her bag for a few dollar bills and shoved them into his direction, making sure to avoid eye contact with him. Only after he pivoted on his heels and strode away did she dare to look up from the floor. When she did, her gaze settled on what had to be the most gorgeous man on earth and the star of her erotic dream!

He stood in line at the registration desk with an I-am-the-man air about him. At a minimum, he was at least six-four tall and had a runner’s body with a cute little behind obviously created for a woman to touch. That’s how she liked her men, long and lean, and mama surely liked what she saw. Suddenly his head turned in her direction and a smile, which she could only describe as predatory, appeared on his face. Busted!


Ever the romantic, Denise McCray believes in happily ever afters: happily ever afters with a lot of passion and steamy sex, that is. When she’s not toiling away at her day job, you can find her either reading a hot romance or writing one. Sit back and get lost in a Denise McCray tale. Happily Ever Afters with a Side of Sizzle!!  

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