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About the Author:
"Pavarti K Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number-cruncher who has been committed to causing trouble since her first moment on this Earth. Her eclectic career has flirted with Broadway, Teaching, Law Firms and the IRS. Author of many short stories, Pavarti spans genres from Horror and Erotica all the way to Mystery. She is always seeking beauty in everything around her and brings this approach to her writing. Currently Pavarti is hard at work establishing her Indie Publishing Company Fighting Monkey Press and enthusiastically working with her Author’s Co-op Escapist Press.

Pavarti K Tyler's debut novel Shadow on the Wall is scheduled for release in November 2011. Shadow on the Wall is Book One of The SandStorm Chronicles, the saga of Recai Osman — businessman, philosopher, Muslim and . . . superhero.

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Interview with Pavarti K Tyler

Pavarti K Tyler is author of Two Moons of Sera, Consumed by Love and coming soon, Shadow on the Wall (The SandStorm Chronicles, #1).

Holly: Hello Pavarti! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Pavarti K Tyler: Hello, My name is Pav and I'm a Book-a-holic.  Oh and I'm actually a three foot troll trapped inside the mind of a drag queen, trapped inside the body of a housewife.  And I'm an accountant.

Holly: When and how did you start writing?

Pavarti K Tyler: I've always written.  I won the creative writing contest in fourth grade for my short story "Bat's aren't Blind," a lovely little vampire story that will never be taken out of my mother's basement.  I wrote and sang and worked in theatre for most of my life, but took a step back from the creative arts when I had kids.  Like many other people, the time and love it took to be creative was required elsewhere.  Now that my kids are a smidge older and I work from home I can explore a little more of the part of myself that loves to write.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your novel Two Moons of Sera?

Pavarti K Tyler: Two Moons of Sera was inspired by a picture I found on tumblr.  It haunted me and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Originally I was going to write it as a collaboration with a dear friend of mine, but I just kept writing and writing and it took on a life of its own before she had a chance to even add a sentence.  Check out the excerpt below:

Each movement he made fed my hunger for experience. Each emotion he inspired within me made him more and more vital. I knew I couldn't have him. I couldn't be the princess from the fairytales who walked hand in hand with the man who saved her from the monsters. The stories were all the same. The princess thanked her savior with a kiss so painfully true, it sealed their love forever. Instead, I would have to say goodbye and he would leave. I would ache for him to return and maybe one day he would, but never for long. The reality of my existence excluded his presence. I was an abomination, a mutant, a hybrid never meant to exist. What would he think when he found out the truth?

Holly: Which came first, plot or character(s)?

Pavarti K Tyler: Actually, neither.  The first thing to solidify for me was the world.  In Two Moons of Sera there are two distinct races: the Erdlanders and the Sualwet.  The image which inspired the story began the creation of the Sualwet people, their lives, their politics, their history.  The more I lost myself in daydreaming the more the character of Nilafay solidified.  She was intriguing but not the story I wanted to tell.  By the time I dreamed up the idea of telling Serafay's story, the two cultures were so rich in my mind I just couldn't stop writing. Wanna know if you're a Sualwet or and Erdlander?  I made a quiz!

Holly: On your blog in reference to this novel it says, ‘All the Fun of YA written for Adults’. Can you expand a little on this?

Pavarti K Tyler: Sure, but prepare yourself for a rant :) I am constantly on the lookout for a good book.  I love books of all kinds, but it is an absolute pet-peeve of mine that so many authors represent their books as YA and then have explicit sex scenes in them.  If you follow my blog you know it's almost impossible to offend me and I fundamentally don't believe in censorship of any sort.  But I also have a 6 year old and an 8 year old and I see no reason why the YA genre needs to be so broad as to include Blood Lust and Raold Dahl on the same shelf.

I also get frustrated as an adult when YA books limit their content just to fit into the YA mold.  Seriously, I read like 23,647 pages of Twilight and still didn't get to read about a married, monogamous, heterosexual, couple have sex! Arrrg.  I'm in my 30s, I can handle it, but it's written for 14 year olds who can't.

So Two Moons of Sera was my attempt to split the difference.  It will read like YA to many readers.  It's fun, and breezy with enough plot to be interesting but a lot of character driven action.  There are deeper themes and if you look you should find them pretty easily, but if you don't you'll still enjoy the story.  However, the story will not remain PG-13, as Sera grows up and learns more about who she is and what she is the subject matters will mature - as, to me at least, is appropriate.

So if you love YA, check it out, but know what you're getting.  If you are 12, maybe this book isn't for you, you've been warned.

Holly: You have more novels coming after Two Moons of Sera that follow along where it ends, right?

Pavarti K Tyler: Well it's not quite novels.  The first volume of 2MOS is just shy of 20,000 words.  This is NOT an entire novel or even a short.  It is the first volume of an ongoing serial novel.  The fun part is, if you buy the first part you get the rest of the series for free.  So the whole ebook will be $0.99. But if you buy it after more is released the price will increase.  Readers who sign up for notifications will receive an email when each volume is released.

Holly: When do you expect them to be published and how many volumes do you think there will be at this time?

Pavarti K Tyler: Volume two of Two Moons of Sera will be released in January.  It's with my editor as we speak getting polished up and ready to go.  Volume three is shaping up nicely and I'm hoping to have a minimum of five parts.  Ideally there will be a part released every two months but I can't guarantee that.  I'm an accountant so tax season eats up a lot of my time and may cause some delays.

Holly: You also have two other novels—both out this year. The first called, Consumed by Love. Can you tell us a little about this?

Pavarti K Tyler: Consumed by Love is a novella I released after having it published in SNM Horror Mag.  Consumed is a short erotic horror piece which marked my debut into self publishing. I had originally written it as an entry for a Supernatural Romance competition but it because abundantly clear that my version of "romance" is nothing like other people's. :)

Holly: And Shadow on the Wall, the first novel in The SandStorm Chronicles. Can you tell us about this novel and the main character?

Pavarti K Tyler: Shadow on the Wall will be released in early 2012.  Shadow is the hardest, most challenging writing project I've ever taken on.  I'm immensely proud of it and excited to share it with everyone once my editor (Swift Ink Editor) gives her ok.

Shadow on the Wall is the story of Recai Osman: Muslim, philosopher, billionaire, and ...superhero?

Holly: Do you think any authors inspired you to write? If so, who and why?

Pavarti K Tyler: Man, that's so hard.  I'm such an avid reader and I love stories.  I think the ones that make me want to be a better writer are the ones where the world building is really amazing like:
Holly: Can we expect any other works from you in the future besides the The SandStorm Chronicles and Two Moons of Sera?

Pavarti K Tyler: Percolating for almost a year and a half now is my next project; DEVOUR.

In a small town in North Dakota Anastasya Rubinski struggles to finish her senior year of high school, believing that there is no fate worse than being an outsider in an American small town.  Her sense of self and community is rocked as virus spreads across America, taking over the populace and turning them into something unrecognizable.  Will Stacia realize the danger she's in before it's too late?

Holly: Thank you so much for being here today Pavarti and including Full Moon Bites in your blog tour!

Books by Pavarti K Tyler
Two Moons of Sera
Consumed by Love

Coming Soon
Shadow on the Wall (The SandStorm Chronicles, #1)--Expected Publication Date: Early 2012

Order Your Copy of Two Moons of Sera Now

Pavarti K Tyler has offered to giveaway a gift basket including fun swag, like bags and magnets and notecards, etc. Along with a eBook copy of her novel Two Moons of Sera (Volume, 1) to one lucky winner!

Book Description:

"In a world where water and earth teem with life, Serafay is an anomaly. The result of genetic experiments on her mother's water-borne line Serafay will have to face the very people responsible to discover who she really is. But is she the only one?

All the Fun of YA written for Adults

Two Moons of Sera is a Fantasy/Romance and will be released in a serial format. The first volume is just shy of 20,000 words and will be priced at $0.99. Anyone who purchases it will receive all future volumes for free. However if you wait to get it until later, the price will go up with each addition."

Giveaway Details:
  • Ebook giveaway is open to US & Canada & International
  • Gift basket/Swag only open to US only
  • Giveaway will run from November 7th 2011 - November 13th 2011
  • Winner will be chosen randomly, contacted and announced on November 14th 2011
  • You must complete the mandatory entry to be qualified to win.
  • The winner will have 48 hours to contact back before another winner will be chosen.
  • One entry per-person please!
  • If you enter, you are acknowledging that you read and accept the giveaway/contest policy.
  • Giveaway is provided by the author.

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  • Go to giveaway page, HERE.

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