23 October 2011

AOTW- Addison Moore

Addison Moore

About the Author:
Paranormal YA writer of the Celestra book series. Often fueled by Dr. Pepper.

Interview with Addison Moore

Addison Moore is author of Ethereal, Tremble and three other titles in her Celestra series.

Holly: Hello, Addison. Would you tell us a little about yourself?

Addison Moore: It’s so nice to be here! Thank you so much for having me. I’m such a boring person I can’t really think of anything exciting to say about myself other than the fact I love to write, and I’m passionate about the craft. There is still so much that I need to learn, but I write daily, and try to read at least one or two craft books each month in addition to the tons of books I read for pleasure. My TBR pile is HUGE!

Holly: How and when did you begin writing?

Addison Moore: I’ve been writing all my life in fits and starts, but consistently about eight years ago. I try to write everyday. I’ve written on holidays, after weddings and funerals. I try to take at least one day off a week except when I’m knee deep in edits.

Holly: You published your first novel ever this year, Ethereal; the first novel in your Celestra series. Can you tell us a little about this novel and where you got your inspiration for it from?

Addison Moore: I started Ethereal with the thought I would merge two of my previous story concepts together that I liked but weren’t going anywhere. One was a book about a girl who saw her guardian angel, and the other was a series about a group of teenagers that lived on an island.

Holly: Is Ethereal the first novel you have ever written or the first you have published?

Addison Moore: Oh gosh no. I’ve got an entire library on my hard drive, lol! But it is my first attempt at self-publishing. 

Holly: Wicked is the fourth book in the series and I have to say I am intrigued after reading the description…Can you give us a little more in-depth look about the plot?

Addison Moore: In WICKED Skyla has to deal with the aftermath of Chloe Bishop’s sudden reprisal. A secret she once shared with Chloe turns into a masterful manipulation on Chloe’s part and Skyla and Gage are left to suffer the consequences.

Holly: Your fifth book in the Celestra series, Vex is set to come out in November. Can you tell us a little about it? 

Addison Moore: In VEX many things unfold for Skyla. She has to deal with the fallout of Holden suddenly injecting himself in her life. She needs to get away from the Counts who have captured her and deal with Logan and his questionable behavior. She meets her biological mother and confronts her adoptive mother. Skyla also learns more about the faction war and how that will play out and deals with the fact her family believes she’s having a baby. For excerpts of VEX visit my Facebook page where I give a whole slew of new teasers each Tuesday! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Addison-Moore/140192649382294?sk=wall&filter=1

Holly: All five books in the series are set to come out this year you must be a very busy woman! I assume all the books follow the same set of characters and plot?

Addison Moore: Yes, and a few have been added along the way. It’s a pleasure for me to soak in Skyla’s world, and the overall storyline is moving along nicely.

Holly: Is there going to be more books in your Celestra series?

Addison Moore: I’ve always said I’d let the series end naturally, and I’ve always aimed for six books. I’m not opposed to writing one or two more if I can’t land it right on six, but yes eventually the war will come to an end and Skyla will choose just one person to be with.

Holly: Can you tell us about the Celestra name and how it connects in the books?

Addison Moore: Celestra is the name of the most powerful faction of angels. There are five earthly factions that are the descendants of the Nephilim.

Holly: Your books are not only in Kindle Edition but also available from Smashwords in whatever format the readers prefers. I have noticed a lot of authors today are only doing Kindle Edition, which leaves a lot of us who do not want to download the Kindle for PC App or buy a Kindle without any options to read the novel. What made you do both Kindle and regular eBook formats?

Addison Moore: I think it’s best that indie authors offer their books in as many formats as possible. It opens them up to a wide variety of readers that they may not have had otherwise.

Holly: Can we expect anymore works from you besides the Celestra series in the future? Maybe another series?

Addison Moore: I’m planning a spin off series, actually a few, with the same characters. In addition to that I’m working on an entirely new series I hope to get out soon!

Holly: Where all can we purchase your novels?

Addison Moore: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Addison Moore: I think readers are amazing. I would honestly love to meet every single one. I’m always super thrilled when they drop a line through my blog, email, Facebook, twitter and I always try to write back. It always blows me away that anyone would want to read my stories and for that I’m forever grateful!

Holly: What are some of your favorite authors?

Addison Moore: Way too many to mention, but I’ll go to my standby, Sylvia Plath. Her fiction reads like poetry.

Thank you so much for having me! This was a blast!!

Holly: Thank you for being here; it is a pleasure to have you here on my blog!!

Books by Addison Moore
The Celestra series
#1: Ethereal
#2: Tremble
#3: Burn
#4: Wicked

Coming soon
Vex (Celestra series #5)--Expected Publication Date: November 2011

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