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June Ahern

About the Author:
June Ahern, born in Glasgow Scotland and raised in San Francisco, is from a large family of Celtic storytellers. Her talent for storytelling is found in her debut novel, The Skye in June, about a Scottish family that emigrants to San Francisco in the 1950’s.. Ms. Ahern’s first published book, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading (originally titled A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling, 1990) is a complete consumer’s guide to a psychic reading. Both books are receiving an overwhelming five star reviews. Ms. Ahern lives on the California coast with her husband, cat and horse and is writing a new novel.

Interview with June Ahern

HP: Hello, June. Would you care to tell us a little about yourself?

June Ahern: What I've been aware of about myself is, people are of interest to me. That is their culture, religion, history, music and dance. Also, with my love for animals I am most curious about their ways of communicating and how they do it, not only with each other, but with humans. My interests add to self-examine and opening my imagination for writing. Nature inspires me and daily outings have contributed to my personal growth as well as creating clarity of purpose and calmness to act upon goals. Coming from a large family and rather wild family of Scots, I have a great love for laughter, dance, and exploration. I endeavor to remain optimistic and inspiring and helpful to others, if I can.

HP: From what I understand you was born in Glasgow Scotland and then immigrated to San Francisco California. Maybe it’s only me, but I have always loved the idea of going to Scotland. Can you tell us a little about what you remember from your time living there?

June Ahern: Scotland is a small country with a long history of strong willed people. You would see rolling hills to stark craggy mountains and lots of water - waterfalls, lakes (or lochs), streams and the likes. And golf courses, of course! To your question, surprisingly, I remember more than most think a child of six and younger would about Scotland. Perhaps that is because our move to the U.S. was such a pivotal time in my family’s history. We lived in Glasgow, a crowded town (now called a city), but I vividly remember the area we lived: our flat's layout and especially recall playing out in the close, or as it is referred to in the U.S backyard. . It was a large common area where many children from the surrounding tenement houses played. My elder sister would put on shows where she'd have a lot of kids sing and dance. The fun we had! The washhouse where, because I was the youngest, had to sit on an upturned washbasin. So many memories with my brothers and sisters are stuck in my head. Most, fun. One of the worst memories was when my younger sister was kidnapped. Although I was only four, the emotional state of my parents and older sister stick in my head also. She was brought home within 24 hours.

1990's edition
HP: Do you ever think about going back?

June Ahern: Gladly I go “home” to visit my many cousins and see parts of Scotland I’ve missed.  I've been back four times now and am due another visit. The last time was in '06 to honeymoon. My eldest sister and mother were visiting at then also. And new husband was gracious enough to invite my sister to travel with us to the Isle of Skye where I was doing some research for my novel. . What an incredibly beautiful and magical isle it is! My sister and I planned for years to travel together to see our old home in Glasgow and Skye. Again, funny travel stories and it was an extra special time because my sister died a couple of years. My cousins in Scotland are preparing a book tour, and radio shows guest spots for me so another trip is a must!

HP: “In the early ‘80’s she became a Wiccan.” This line in your bio on your website really caught my attention. I have always been fascinated about the subject and was wondering if you could tell us what it was that converted you to Wiccan.

June Ahern: My first attraction was the roles for females in it. Growing up Catholic, females play a small role in decision-making and with the rituals and ceremonies, such as Mass and for me that is not equality. There are many positive things I learned through my Catholic religious training that is still used in Wicca: great faith in a Divine Source, connect with angels, guides (saints in Catholicism) as well as the use of props, such as candles, incense, flowers as well as hand and body movements to create an energy. But Wicca a greater connection to nature and with my love for that, Wicca suits me.

HP: From what I understand you have used your, and I again quote from your bio from your blog “intuitive and psychic ability to work with law enforcement through helping with cases and speaking with the victim’s family to give them a sense of peace through their loss.” Can you tell us a little about this and what it’s like to be able to help people on that level?

June Ahern: I am greatly honored if I can help and perhaps relieve some pain, for a person suffering. Although I no longer offer my skills for this, the experience was satisfying. One doesn’t not want to give hope to the family that all is well, so I would have to chose my words wisely when revealing information given my spirit. Usually the victim was not alive. It can be disturbing to feel the energy of a person who is in great fear, being hurt and ultimately killed. The spirit of that person comes across very strong. Especially sad was two cases involving children. One case was a missing child found to be living with his mother who had taken him without permission. That was more of a legal battle. Anther case involved a theft, and the items were recovered. Working with the police, now that can be very difficult as they are fact finders and suspicious of everyone. But in a few cases I made some friends with the law enforcers, which I’ve kept to date.

HP: As a Life Coach, Intuitive Arts Mentor, teacher and author, you must have a very busy schedule, how do you do it all and a bigger question why? I mean did you set out to do all of this in your life, or is it something that just happened over time?

June Ahern: Ha ha. I ask myself this often, why? The IAM (Intuitive Arts Mentor) really just happened. It started in the 1960’s as a strong interest in parapsychology, religion, philosophy, and psychology. After a serious car accident I began to have visions for people and talk to the dead. People heard about my abilities and a profession or purpose was created. The Life Coach is a perfect add on. I never have encouraged nor will allow a person to be dependent upon psychic readings with me, but I did want to continue to work with people to fulfill their goals and karma hence Life Coaching. What a thrill it is to work with clients on this level! Teaching classes and workshops: love to teach, love to give information - the keys, that is, that open the doors to the subconscious mind. Mystery of life surrounds us and we can tap into it. I’ve been writing since I was young and won an award in the eight grade.  My first book, The Timeless Counselor, was written because a friend encouraged me to do it. And the novel, had to get that story out!  And, I do more with volunteering and such, but I am slowing down.

HP: Your novel The Timeless Counselor/A Complete Consumer's Guide to a Psychic Reading, came out in eBook format, January 6th 2011. Can you tell us a little bit about this novel and what inspired you to write it?

June Ahern: It actually was first printed in 1990 under a different title, A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling and shortly after it came out in paperback (self-published on a dime), I thought of the now title. Now it is under a new title with a new cover and includes new chapter and also my ESP (fun) Quiz. A friend encouraged me to write it and after repeatedly informing people about what a psychic reading is, can give you, how it happens etc, it was wonderful to put it in writing. So many helped me get it in print. Yes, it is an eBook and the paperback of the newer version is due out this Fall although I have a limited amount of first editions available.  At the New York Whole Life Expo, where I was a featured speaker, it was the best selling book for an unknown author.

HP: Your other novel or kind of a biography I should say (?), was recently, in 2008 if I am not mistaken, redistributed in paperback BookSurge Publishing. How much real life is in this book and how much fiction

June Ahern: I think of it more as a story set in an autobiographical framework. Originally I wrote it as a screenplay and did so to honor four of the six sisters who share my Wiccan practice. An author friend encouraged me to write a novel because screenplays are more attractive from a book. I asked, “How long will that take?” It took two and half years. A lot of real life of many I know are in this story. I did a lot of research and interviews to “hear” and “feel” stories in the book. The fiction is, my mother was not blonde, my father, hard as he was, had a great sense of humor and adventure and I had brothers who were miffed they weren’t include in the book. If they read it carefully they would have read they are.  I did not recognize my psychic abilities as a child. I hope that helps the reader understand it is not an autobiography.

HP: Are you working on anything at the moment?

June Ahern: I am and very excited about it. The project began as a screenplay – again - for a Scottish actress. Unfortunately the project was delayed until recently when I decide to write it as a novel. The new life sprung forth from that decision is incredible. Again, a Scottish immigrant coming to San Francisco but at a later and very poignant time in history: The Summer of Love 1967. It’s has a more adult theme: sex, drugs, rockin' roll and murder. Such a jolly good time will be had!

HP: Where can we purchase your novels?

June Ahern: My first choice for paperbacks would be through my website for a personally autograph for The  Skye in June and The Timeless Counselor in the first edition. The Skye in June can also be found or Both books are ebooks Amazon and

HP: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

June Ahern: Reading is a wonderful gift. One can learn so much through books such as other places, cultures, history, and share in adventures.  For example in my novel allows a reader to learn about the Scottish culture and some words and also life in San Francisco circa early 1960’s. Reading, more than the visual media, encourages one’s own great imagination to open.

HP: What do you do in your free time?

June Ahern: What’s that? I walk, swim and have playtime with my husband, grandchildren, family, friends and horses.

HP: Thank you June for interviewing with me!

Books by June Ahern
The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading (originally titled A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling, 1990)
The Skye in June

Married to a Witch
Religion: Fair and Equal?
A Pagan Wiccan Death Ceremony
All the above and more articles by June Ahern can be found at

RecognitionJune Ahern's has received overwhelming five star mentions for her novels on Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords.

You can find June at:Her Blog
Her website
Her sf coaching site

June Ahern has offered to giveaway four copies of her novel and how to book in either paperback (The Timeless Counselor is under old title with the 1990's cover) or eBook format; The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading and The Skye in June, to four (4) winners!
To Enter:

Book Description:

"The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading is a complete consumer's guide to a psychic reading – the key to receiving the greatest benefits from a reader.You will learn that you can grow and heal spiritually, emotionally and physically from a reading as well as how to recognize and avoid unethical readers - choose one best suited for your needs and interests - how to prepare questions to get a more detailed answer from the reader - how to use the information attained successfully to fulfill your goals and much more. This book is also a wonderful source to learn about the psychic realm as you learn how psychics receive their information and then have the opportunity to learn about your own ESP through the author's ESP Quiz. Read this book before making an appointment with a psychic. It is the key to a successful psychic experience."

Book Description:

"June MacDonald’s fate is sealed the day she is born when her mother, Cathy, defies her husband Jimmy by giving their new daughter a pagan name instead of a Catholic saint’s, as is their tradition. The decision forever sets the MacDonald family on a course for disaster, and no one can foresee that June will grow up to threaten their strong religious beliefs. After a family tragedy the MacDonald family emigrates from Scotland to San Francisco, California, in the hopes of a new beginning. There, young June begins to have visions. They haunt Cathy, revealing her secret past in the Scottish Highlands. June’s religiously rigid and abusive father will not tolerate the visions. That doesn’t stop June’s feisty nature or curiosity about her psychic abilities and interest in witchcraft. The family is on the brink of imploding when June and her three sisters come of age in the 1960’s Haight Ashbury scene. Their father’s declaration seems to be coming true: “Doomed to hell, every last one of you.” In order to save June,"

Giveaway Details:
  • Giveaway is open to US only!
  • Giveaway will run from September 19th 2011 - October 3rd 2011
  • Giveaway winner(s) will be chosen randomly and announced on October 4th 2011
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