AOTW- Jennifer Ashley, Ashley Gardner and Allyson James

Jennifer Ashley, Ashley Gardner and Allyson James

Writing as Jennifer Ashley

About the Author:
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley has lived and traveled all over the world, and now lives in the Southwest. She writes historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance as Jennifer Ashley; mysteries as Ashley Gardner; and paranormal romance and urban fantasy as Allyson James.

Jennifer's/Allyson's/Ashley's novels have won RWA's RITA award, the Golden Quill, RT Reviewer's Choice awards, and the Prism award, among others. Jennifer's novels have been also been translated into nearly a dozen European and Asian languages.
Jennifer enjoys writing and reading above all else, but her hobbies include cooking, hiking, playing flute and guitar, painting, and building miniature rooms and dollhouses.

Question and Answer with Jennifer/Ashley/Allyson:

Q: Your new release coming up as Allyson James, Shadow Walker in June, can you tell us a little about it?

A: Shadow Walker is the third book in the Stormwalker series. Janet Begay, the heroine, is a Stormwalker, which means she can tap into any nearby storm and channel its power into her magic (thunderstorms, dust storms, blizzards). She's Navajo, born to a Navajo father and an evil goddess mother. Janet solves supernatural crimes using her abilities to read auras of people and places, but her crime solving leads to dangerous adventures.

Her boyfriend, Mick, a sexy shape shifter who can weild fire, helps her out. They're joined by Coyote, a few dragon friends, and a mouthy drag-queen magic mirror.

In Shadow Walker, winter storms come to northern Arizona, a new menace stalks Janet and Mick, and Janet faces losing Mick forever.

Q: Can you tell us some about your Shifters Unbound series as Jennifer Ashley? Where did you come up with the idea for the series?

A: Shifters Unbound (#1 Pride Mates and #2 Primal Bonds thus far) is a series about shapeshifters (wildcat, wolf, bear) that reveal themselves to the human world, only to be rounded up and shunted into "Shiftertowns." They are forced to wear Collars that control any violence with shocks, and they're not allowed to work certain jobs, own new cars and new technology, etc. The Shifters, knowing how powerful they really are, submit to captivity because they were dying out in the wild. Now they have time to settle down, have children, and strengthen themsevles.

I came up with the idea by seeing a group of construction workers on the side of the road one day. They were talking and laughing, and were cute too. :-) I started making up stories about them--what if they were brothers and a father, living and working together, several generations of men in one house. I was trying to come up with a paranormal romance idea, so I starting thinking "what if?" What if they were shapeshifters? What if they were trying to make a living in the world, just everyday guys, but they had to deal with being shapeshifters in a world that didn't understand them. The Morrissey family was born, and the first book wrote itself.

Book One is about Liam, the oldest son; Book 2 about Sean, his brother. In book 3, I move to another family of Shifters and give you a look at their world, though the Morrisseys will be involved and be back.

Q: Can you tell us some about your series, Captain Lacey Regency Mystery, as Ashley Gardner? Is there going to be any new books in this series or was the sixth book the last? Do you have any plans to write a new series as Ashley Gardner?

A: The Captain Lacey mysteries I started a while back at Berkley. They went out of print, and now I'm republishing them on Kindle and Nook. After I repub the first six books, I'll be writing a seventh (and more). Also I found a novella I wrote and never submitted ("The Necklace Affair"), which I will revise and edit and publish after book 4.

The mysteries are set in Regency England and star Captain Gabriel Lacey, a cavalry officer wounded in the Napoleonic Wars. Though he's a gentleman, his father pretty much lost the family money, leaving Gabriel penniless. He lives in rooms near Covent Garden and becomes intrigued by crimes that happen in and around London. He reconnects with people he knew in the army (including his old commander, with whom he's had a falling out), and makes new friends (Grenville, the wealthy dandy everyone wants to imitate).

If you like brooding heroes who are strong and don't take crap from anyone, you'll like Captain Lacey.

Q: Out of all you series, under all three names, which do you love writing the most?

A: Hard to say! I also have another series, historicals about the Mackenzie family--four Scotsmen who are mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

I love aspects of all of them. The sexy Shifters, the dangerous Highlanders, Janet and her kick-butt magic (and Mick is a hunk). I think my favorite character is Captain Lacey, who is direct, honorable, and much smarter than I am. I'm never quite sure what Lacey will do.

Thanks so much for featuring me!
Jennifer Ashley
It was an honor to have you here Jennifer!!!
Books by Jennifer Ashley
Highland Pleasures Series
#1: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
#2: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage
#3: The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

Available at Amazon and Borders

Shifters Unbound Series
#1: Pride Mates
#2: Primal Bonds

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Nvengaria Series
#1: Penelope & Prince Charming
#2: The Mad, Bad Duke
#3: Highlander Ever After

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Number 1 is currently out of print. 

Pirate Series
#1: The Pirate Next Door
#2: The Pirate Hunter
#3: The Care & Feeding Of Pirates

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

The Immortals Series (Multi-Author)
#1: The Calling by Jennifer Ashley
#2: Immortals: The Darkening by Robin T. Popp
#3: Immortals: The Awakening by Joy Nash
#4: The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley
#5: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley
#6: Immortals: The Crossing by Joy Nash
#7: Immortals: The Haunting by Robin T. Popp
#8: The Reckoning by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash and Robin T. Popp

Book 8 is currently out of print Book 5, 4, and 1 can be found at Amazon or Barnes & Noble 

Single Titles
The Queen's Handmaiden
Confessions Of A Lingerie Addict
Perils of the Heart

Available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble 

Just One Sip
by Katie MacAlister, Jennifer Ashley, Minda Webber
Love Bites: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 (Mammoth Romances)
Sword and Sorceress XIX (Sword and Sorceress #19)
A Christmas Ball (Includes: Nvengaria, #4)
by Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryan, Alissa Johnson
The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance (Mammoth Romances)
by Trisha Telep, Helen Scott Taylor, Jennifer Ashley, Cindy Holby
Christmas Cards from the Edge
by Lisa Cach, Jennifer Ashley, Naomi Neale
The Relevant Church: A New Vision For Communities Of Faith
by Mike Howerton, Jennifer Ashley, Mike Bickle

Most anthologies can be found at Amazon

Coming Soon
Wild Cat (Shifters Unbound #3)-- Expected publication: January 2012 by Berkley Sensation
Pride Mates Book 1 of Shifters Unbound July 2011-- Re-release of the original 2010 edition with a new cover.
The Many Sins of Lord Cameron (Highland Pleasures #3)-- Expected publication: August 2nd 2011 by Penguin/Berkley
The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures #4)-- Expected publication: April 2012
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie Book 1 of Highland Pleasures-- Re-release of the original 2009 edition with a new cover-- August 2011 

*Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage
Jennifer Ashley
RT award nominee
Best Innovative Historical

*The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
Jennifer Ashley
RT Reviewer's Choice Award winner
Bookseller's Best award (Greater Detroit RWA) finalist (historical)
Reader's Crown, RomCon (Borders) winner (long historical)

*Immortals: The Redeeming
Jennifer Ashley
Prism Award
Second Place, Dark Paranormal Romance

*Immortals: The Calling
Jennifer Ashley
Golden Quill Winner
Best Paranormal Romance
Desert Rose RW

*A Lady Raised High
Jennifer Ashley w/a Laurien Gardner
RITA Award winner
Best Novel with Romantic Elements
Romance Writers of America

*Penelope & Prince Charming
by Jennifer Ashley
Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Winner
Best Historical Romantic Adventure
Romantic Times BookReviews Magazine

*"Viva Las Vampires"
in Just One Sip
by Jennifer Ashley
Golden Quill Winner
Best Novella
Desert Rose RW

*RIO (Reviewer's International Org.)
Award of Excellence Nominee

*"A Single Girl's Guide to Christmas" in
Christmas Cards from the Edge
Golden Quill Nominee
Best Novella
Desert Rose Chapter, RW

*Confesssions of a Lingerie Addict
Golden Quill Nominee
Best Hot, Sexy, and Sensual Romance
Desert Rose Chapter, RW

*The Pirate Hunter
RT Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee
Best Historical Romantic Adventure
RT Bookclub Magazine

*The Pirate Next Door
RT Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee
Best Historical Romantic Adventure
RT BookClub Magazine

*Golden Quill Nominee
Best Historical Romance
Desert Rose RWA

*RIO (Reviewer's International Org.)
Award of Excellence Nominee
Long Historical

*Perils of the Heart
Golden Quill Finalist
Best First Novel
Desert Rose RWA

Find Jennifer at:
Jennifer on Writing (blog)
Jennifer on MySpace
Jennifer on Facebook
Jennifer on Twitter
Jennifer on GoodReads
Chatelaines (Group Blog)
Writing as Ashley Gardner

About the Author:
Ashley Gardner is the pseudonym for NY Times bestselling and award-winning author Jennifer Ashley and nationally bestselling and award-winning author Allyson James. Her award-winning Captain Lacey Regency mysteries have garnered top reviews and an enthusiastic following. These books are now available as digital editions. More about the series can be found at

Books by Ashley Gardner 
Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Series
#1: The Hanover Square
#2: A Regimental Murder
#3: The Glass House
#4: The Sudbury School Murders
#5: A Body in Berkeley Square
#6: A Covent Garden
Available at Amazon

*The Sudbury School Murders
by Ashley Gardner
Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Winner
Best Historical Mystery
Romantic Times BookReviews Magazine

*Short Story Award
"The Disappearance of Miss Sarah Oswold"
(a Captain Lacey mystery)
Over My Dead Body Mystery Magazine
Summer 2000
Derringer Nominee
Short Mystery Fiction Society

Writing as Allyson James

About the Author:
Allyson James is a pseudonym of NYT bestselling author Jennifer Ashley.

Allyson writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotic romance for Berkley and Ellora's Cave. She published her first book as Jennifer Ashley in 2002, and since then has published about thirty novels and a dozen novellas under several pseudonyms. Allyson's novels have won RT Reviewers choice awards, the Prism award for best sff romance, and the RITA (under the pseudonym Laurien Gardner). Her novella in Hot for the Holidays was nominated for a RITA award. Her Jennifer Ashley novels have hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

Allyson lives with her soul mate, an avid reader himself, in the beautiful Southwest in a houseful of books. Allyson welcomes mail from readers. Write to her at

Books by Allyson James
Dragon Series
#1: Dragon Heat
#2: The Black Dragon
#3: The Dragon Master
Available at

Stormwalker Series
#1: Stormwalker
#2: Firewalker
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Tales of the Shareem
#1: Rees
#2: Maia and Rylan
#3: Rio
#4: Aiden and Ky
#5: Calder
#6: Braden
Eland: Tales of the Shareem-- Free short story.
Available at Ellora's Cave and Amazon

Mortal Series
#1: Mortal Temptations
#2: Mortal Seductions
Available from Amazon and Borders

Stand- Alone Books
Double Trouble (Planetary Passions)
Catch a Falling Star
Double Shot
Christmas Cowboy
Available from Amazon or Ellora's Cave

Wedding Favors (#3 in Mortal Series)
by Nikita Black, Allyson James, Sheri Whitefeather
Hot for the Holidays (Mageverse #9)by Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Anya Bast, Allyson James
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance (Mammoth Romances)
Private Places (The Hunters)
by Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, Allyson James
Seasons of Seduction I (Elloras Cavemen)
by Delilah Devlin, Lilli Feisty, Allyson James, Sherrill Quinn, Denise Rossetti, Jory Strong
Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume 1 (Elloras Cavemen)
by Myla Jackson, Liddy Midnight, Nicole Austin, Allyson James, Paige Cuccaro, Jory Strong
Jewels of the Nile IV (Elloras Cavemen)
by Dawn Halliday, Alexa & Patrick Silver, Allyson James, N.J. Walters, M.A. Ellis, Tielle St. Clare
Anthologies can be found at either or Ellora's Cave

Coming Soon
Shadow Walker (Stormwalker #3)-- Expected publication: June 7th 2011 by Berkley
Hexed-- Expected publication: June 7th 2011 by Berkley--
by Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James, Jeanne C. Stein

Allyson James
Nominated for a RITA 
Best novel with romantic elements
Allyson James
RT award nominee
Best UF Heroine
"Bookie" Award nominee
(Authors After Dark)
Best Rom Sus

*"A Little Night Magic" in Hot for the Holidays
Allyson James
RITA award nominee
(Best Novella)

*Mortal Seductions
Allyson James
Passionate Plume winner
RWA's Passionate Ink chapter
First Place, Paranormal

*Tales of the Shareem: Calder
Allyson James

*Passionate Plume winner
RWA's Passionate Ink chapter
First Place, Futuristic

*Mortal Temptations
Allyson James

*RT Reviewer's Choice Award nominee
Best Paranormal Erotic Romance

*Passionate Plume
RWA's Passionate Ink chapter
Second Place, Paranormal

*The Dragon Master
Allyson James
Prism Award
Best of the Best
Prism Award
First place, Fantasy Romance

*RT Reviewer's Choice Award Winner
Best Shapeshifter Romance
CAPA Winner
Best Fantasy Romance
The Romance Studio

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