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About the Author:
Independent Romance Author writing under the names of Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. I primarily write paranormal romance, including vampire romance, werewolf romance, shape-shifter romance and angel romances. I also write dark fantasy / urban fantasy romances involving witches and demons, as well as writing science fiction romances.

All of my ebooks are available via Amazon Kindle, Sony, iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

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Interview with Felicity Heaton

Felicity Heaton is author of over forty works to list a few; the Her Angel series, the Vampires Realm series, Heart of Darkness, Love Immortal, Forbidden Blood, and Sons of Lyra & Daughters of Lyra series’.

Holly: Hello Felicity and thank you for being here! Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Felicity Heaton: Absolutely. I’ve been writing since 2005, and penned my first paranormal romance in 2006 when I turned indie. Since then, I’ve been writing constantly and self-publishing my novels. I’m dedicated to providing quality reads so you can often find me reading books on writing and editing, improving my skill-set so I can continue to give readers great books and amazing worlds that will sweep them away. I adore world-building, the larger and grander the better, and I’m becoming known for writing paranormal romance books that are packed with passion, intense emotion that moves readers, description that makes the book play out like a movie in your mind, and kick-ass fight scenes!

I have to say that I’m pleased to have such a brand as I’ve always said that I write movies in book form, and I always picture everything in my mind when I’m writing it. I love to write about vampires, but have recently added angels to my list of favourite species and also enjoy writing shape-shifters and werewolves, as well as demons and witches. I do like to write science fiction romances too, but I’ve been on a paranormal kick for the past two years so I haven’t penned any new sci-fi romances recently.

As you mentioned in the introduction, I have written over forty stories. They vary in length from short stories to epic novels and trilogies. I’ve also written a wide selection of genres, but have come to focus on my two favourites—paranormal romance and science fiction romance.

Holly: When did your interest begin and how?

Felicity Heaton: My interest in writing probably began when I was reading as a tween. I loved fantasy novels, classic romances, and horror novels. I have a very active imagination so I used to dream up a world of vampires that I was a part of in order to escape boredom when walking to and from school, and even in some classes. That’s when I began making my own characters at least. A few years later in school, I wrote the opening chapter of a gothic horror for an English assignment. My teacher read it to the class as a great example, which completely embarrassed me but it also inspired me to keep writing. Since I was only a teen, I drifted away from it. I got back into writing in 2003 and haven’t stopped since then.

Holly: You first published with Linden Bay Romance but then moved away in 2006 and have been self-publishing since. Do you mind if I ask why you decided to self-publish?

Felicity Heaton: Going indie was a decision I made based on a lot of factors. I was talking to another author at the time and we were chatting about what our e-publisher did for us and what we could do for ourselves, and realised that we could easily do everything for ourselves. We were already doing a lot of the promotion work ourselves. Becoming self-published meant I retained more control of my stories and their future, and could create a website with my friend where the books wouldn’t get lost in the midst of new releases and disappear barely a few weeks after coming out, and I could send them out to review sites that actually catered for that type of book. My e-publisher had a tendency to send all books out to the same review sites, regardless of whether they were erotica or not. I went indie because I knew I could do all that the e-publisher was doing for me and more, and could probably reach more readers too.

Holly: You state that you published three novels with Linden Bay Romance; can you tell us about those three novels?

Felicity Heaton: When I first began writing, I decided to write stories in the romantic suspense and historical romance genres. I’m not sure why now that I look back. I had a romantic suspense book and two historicals published with them. I have written other historical romances and romantic suspense novels since then, but I gradually woke up and realised I should be writing what I love most—paranormal, fantasy and science fiction!

Holly: How did you first get published by Linden Bay Romance?

Felicity Heaton: It was the usual process. I submitted a book and they liked it, so they decided to buy it, and then they purchased the other two novels I had with them. I had other books they were interested in too but by that point I had decided that I wanted to go indie and see if I could make it on my own and set up a self-publishing cooperative with a friend.

Holly: What was it like self-publishing for the first time? Were you nervous?

Felicity Heaton: I was nervous but I started out small, self-publishing a set of short paranormal romance and fantasy romance stories. They were well received by the small group of readers we had already formed at this point for our cooperative, so that gave me the confidence to keep writing and keep being indie. Seeing the sales on the one retail website we were submitting to, Fictionwise, and seeing the books doing really well there boosted my confidence too. It was great to take control of the whole process and have control of where the books went out to for review and the advertising.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your popular novella, Her Dark Angel and the world and characters you have created in your her Angel series?

Felicity Heaton: The series is about a world of angels and demons where the angels are still in the service of a higher power. They’re not fallen like you get in a lot of angel romance novels and series, and there is no clear black and white, evil and good. Each of the books is sexy and passionate, and packed with action too. I love to world build and I haven’t held back in this series.

Her Dark Angel is the first book in the series so it’s a great starting point. It’s also only $0.99 at the moment, until January 15th 2012, and is available for that special price at the Amazon Kindle Stores, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBookstores, Sony Reader Store, Kobo and other online retailers.

Her Dark Angel is a story about a wronged woman, Serenity, who is also a witch, and a rather gorgeous but dark angel, Apollyon, who hears her pain and answers her call, escaping a long spell of guarding the Devil in Hell. Apollyon wants to exact revenge upon Serenity’s ex for the hurt he’s caused her by obliterating the guy, because as an angel of the Apocalypse and one due to rain destruction down on Earth, he’s a pretty wicked man and it seems like a reasonable punishment to him. Serenity convinces him to back down to something a little less end-of-the-world and decides to masquerade with him as lovers to make her ex jealous. Working with Apollyon to gain her revenge, Serenity finds herself falling for the dark angel, and finds an escape from the pain in her heart, but she has her doubts about loving an angel and feels she’s about to get her heart broken again. She isn’t the only one falling in love though, and Apollyon does his best to convince her that he really is the man for her, that he would never hurt her, and that they can be together.

The next two books in the series are novellas too. Her Fallen Angel follows Lukas as he tries to prove his innocence and find the person responsible for the hundreds of human deaths that were pinned on him, and convince Annelie, a mortal, that they can be together. Her Warrior Angel follows Einar as he hunts down the demons responsible for the deaths that Lukas was blamed for and finds himself working with a beautiful half-demon half-human woman, Taylor, and falling for her regardless of the fact that love between their species is forbidden.

Her Guardian Angel is the first novel in the series and brings all of the heroes and heroines from the first three books in the series together with a new hero, Marcus, and a new heroine, Amelia. Marcus is a guardian angel, and the most loyal of all the heroes so far. He thinks only of obeying his orders and fulfilling his mission to protect the mortal female Amelia, regardless of the way he feels about mortals. Amelia is a young thirty-something, going from one bad relationship to the next, and when Marcus moves in next door to her and protects her from a rowdy ex-lover in the dead of night, she starts to fall for him, but is convinced that no matter how good Marcus looks, he might be another black knight in disguise. In Her Guardian Angel, we learn more about the previous heroes and heroines in the series, and how their relationships are progressing, and more about Heaven and Hell.

Holly: What was your inspiration for this series?

Felicity Heaton: I’m never sure where my inspiration comes from because it’s normally a strange mixture of things that suddenly sparks the idea in my mind. I think with the Her Angel series, I was thinking about a vampire romance novel that I had an idea for, and one day wondered what it would be like if I swapped vampires for angels. When researching angels, I came across Apollyon and I was immediately intrigued. He was perfect for another story I had in mind, and once I had started dreaming up the world of the Her Angel series, I found I wanted to write many more stories in it. I wanted to explore a new world involving higher powers and beautiful but elementally masculine heroes.

Holly: Reunion is the sixth book in your Vampires Realm series. The first book, Prophecy: Child of Light, being published in 2007. Can you tell us a little bit about how this series started?

Felicity Heaton: I came up with the idea for the Prophecy Trilogy back in 2006, when I was still e-published and hadn’t gone indie yet. As I was planning the trilogy, I was detailing the world and really focusing on building it. By the time I had finishing planning those three books, I realised that I had a world that I didn’t want to leave after just a few books. I decided then that I had to continue the series and Vampires Realm was born. I have a passion for dark vampires, ones who are killers and are true to the myths and everything we associate with them. My Vampires Realm series vampires are more than happy killing us and feeding direct from the vein and they’re deadly and dark, but they’re very emotional too and intense, and live in a world where battles often happen between the bloodlines. They have other enemies too, ones who would kill humans, werewolves and vampires alike, and it’s only because of the vampires’ strength and power, and resolve that humans are protected from that evil. The Prophecy Trilogy is all about a young female vampire and her unlikely hero as they battle terrible forces to save the world. They’re not all evil, but if you like darker vampires, then you’ll like them.

Holly: The ninth novel in this series came out just this year, called Hunter's Moon. Can you tell us a little bit about this novel and its characters?

Felicity Heaton: Hunter’s Moon is a very emotional book, but passionate too, and focuses closely on the feelings of the hero and heroine—the hero as he struggles with his feelings towards a vampire, a species he’s vowed to have vengeance on, and the heroine as she fights her feelings for a werewolf, a relationship that is punishable by death in her world, and also fights to change his antiquated opinion of vampires. It’s also a battle for both of them against the hunters and the local werewolves.

Nicolae, the hero in the story, had spent almost a century in captivity, held as a slave of the vampires, and has escaped it all a century ago, but at the cost of his entire werewolf pack. They all died during the escape, slaughtered by the vampire bloodline that had enslaved them, so he’s both bitter towards vampires and towards himself too, viewing himself as a failure and keeping his distance from everyone, including other werewolves. The only pack he feels close to now is a local timber wolf pack in the remote region of Canada where he’s settled. When he’s out on a night hunt with them, he runs into some dangerous looking hunters who are armed to the teeth and searching for their prey. He finds it and it turns out to be a young and beautiful female vampire, and as much as he wants to leave her to die from the poison on the arrows she’s been shot with, he can’t bring himself to turn his back on her.

Tatyana is a strong woman, but she’s dealing with a lot of grief in her life and has come on what could be considered a suicide mission to defeat the six hunters who killed her sire. She’s already killed two of them, and she’s after the remaining four when they injure her and she barely escapes. She hates feeling weak, both physically and emotionally, but more emotionally than anything, and feels as though she has to be strong, even when she’s so tired and afraid, because that’s what’s expected of her. I think we’ve all been through moments like that where we feel we can’t be ourselves, but instead have to try to be whatever someone else expects of us. She’s also very kick ass, and she fights for what she wants, but she’s torn about it at the same time. She doesn’t try to deny her attraction to Nicolae, even when she knows that it’s wrong and illegal for her to want to be with him, but it’s a struggle for her to find the strength to reach out and take what she wants. I think readers will be able to identify with that too. Sometimes we’re not brave enough to just put our foot down and take what we want, and this is about not letting those moments slip past and instead finding the courage to go through with it.

Holly: Do you have plans for a tenth book in this series?

Felicity Heaton: Yes, I’m working on the tenth book at the moment. Masquerade is set in Saint Petersburg with the Venia bloodline but it brings all the bloodlines back together so we get to meet a new hero and heroine, but meet all the old ones too, with the exception of Tatyana and Nicolae as they’re living in Canada. Masquerade should be released in early 2012 and will be my first release of the year.

Holly: After all the books in this series, looking back to that first novel and the plans for more, has the series stayed constant on those first ideas for it? And if your outlook for the series has changed do you think now that it was for the better?

Felicity Heaton: The series has stayed very constant to the initial idea. There’s a few new twists and turns being added in the coming books, but all in all it’s how I first envisaged it would be and I think it will continue that way in the coming books. I have around 10 more planned at the moment. It’s not so much a series as a world, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want people to have to read all the books in order and follow a plot arc. Vampires Realm is about smaller stories set in a big grand and amazing world.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about In Heat and In Heat: Mating Call and the world you have created in it?

Felicity Heaton: In Heat was one of the only novels I’ve written on the fly with very little in terms of an outline. Normally I plot all my books out until I’m happy and then write that outline up in the form of a book. I had an idea for In Heat and just wrote it flat out. It’s about a black panther shape-shifter, Erik, and his destined mate, Kim. The trouble is, she’s human, so he has a whole lot of trouble ahead of him as he tries to win her heart and convince her at the same time to trust him before he reveals what he is to her. It’s very passionate, hungry, and erotic. The second book picks up a short time after the first book and introduces a rival in the form of a white tiger shape-shifter, and all hell breaks loose as Erik fights for his mate Kim.

Holly: You’ve had a number of releases this year. Ascension came out in April. Can you tell us a little bit Lealandra and Taig?

Felicity Heaton: Ascension is the story of Lealandra, a powerful witch on the verge of her ascension, a time when the magic that lives symbiotically within her will reach the pinnacle of its power and mature. Most witches don’t survive their ascension and instead fall prey to their magic, which seizes control of them and uses them like a marionette in order to do as it pleases for a short period before its host dies. Lealandra’s odds are dramatically lessened by the fact that someone is out to kill her. They’ve murdered her Counter-Balance, the witch that helped her retain control over her magic by absorbing some of its power, and now they’re after her. No longer able to trust her coven in New York City where the attacks took place, she flees into the city and eventually back into the life of her half-demon ex-lover and demon hunter, Taig. Taig is the son of a powerful demon from the underworld and his mortal wife, and he has serious issues with his demon lineage and that side of himself, enough that he’s never revealed his demonic appearance to Lealandra and can’t bring himself to believe that she could love a monster like him. When Lealandra appears back in his life after six years apart and asks for his assistance and protection, he wants something in return—her.

Holly: Your newest publication, Heart of Darkness came out just last month and features a vampire prince, Aleksandr Nemov and Elise a vampire guard. I am in love with the cover. All of your book covers for that matter strikes my attention. Who designed them if you do not mind my asking?

Felicity Heaton: I don’t mind at all. I actually design and create my own covers for all of my books. It’s part of the book creation process that I love and really enjoy. I always get to choose just the right picture for the book and come up with a design that really speaks volumes about it and can add to the reader’s vision of the story.

Holly: Love Immortal is a paranormal novel about werewolves and vampires that features Lauren and Julian. Can you tell us a bit about this novel and the plot you have created?

Felicity Heaton: Love Immortal is the story of Lauren, a thirty something woman who is just coasting through life, sometimes feeling as though she’s destined for bigger things. She’s been through a rough patch and is searching for some meaning in life when she comes across a huge werewolf in an alley on her way back from her Kendo class. Torn between believing she’s seeing things and believing it’s real, she isn’t sure how to react but ends up attacking it. It’s then that Julian rescues her. Julian is an immortal and bears a close resemblance to a vampire. When he tells Lauren that she’s a reincarnated demi-goddess on a three thousand year old mission to defeat the original werewolf before he can have his revenge on Zeus and all Olympus, she’s more than shocked and thinks she’s going crazy, but the more Julian tells her, the more real it all seems and eventually she finds herself falling for her mysterious protector. When he tells her that she must either go through her awakening and regain her immortal powers or die, she decides to take on the challenge of facing her destiny and winning Julian’s heart.

I came up with the idea for the bad guy and the book when I was researching Greek mythology for a future series of mine. I was researching ancient Arcadia at the time and came across the story of Lycaon, a king of Arcadia who tricked Zeus into eating human flesh at a banquet. Zeus punished Lycaon by turning him into a wolf, and he would only turn back into a human if he abstained from his cannibalistic ways for ten years. In my story, Lycaon chose not to abstain and instead embraced his wolf side, learning to control it and harness his new immortal powers. I had already wanted to write the story using a reincarnation theme, with an immortal hero who had been around for millennia, so the two sides of the story meshed really well. I did some more research into Greek mythology, which I love anyway, and in homage to the tales of gods and mortals, I made the heroine’s mission eternal. If she dies, she is reincarnated and the hero must find and reawaken her with his blood. The story rewrites the origins of both vampires and werewolves, and combines that with some pretty spectacular settings and characters that readers will really come to feel for. It’s an epic story, which is fitting when it has its roots in Greek mythology.

Holly: Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Felicity Heaton: Thank you for reading my books and being eternally supportive and kind to me. Your emails, chatting with you on facebook and twitter, and all the fun we have together really makes my day, week and year and inspires me to keep writing new romance books for you all to devour like hungry little vampires.

If anyone here is new to me and wants to find out more about me and my books, then the best places to hop over to are:

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Coming Soon
Find list here. You can also find  works in progress here.

Felicity Heaton has offered to giveaway a eBook copy of her novel Love Immortal and some signed book swag that includes cover postcards, bookmarks and romance trading cards.

Book Description:
"Rescued from werewolves by the most breathtaking man she's ever seen, Lauren is dragged into the fight of her life and a dark world she never knew existed. There, she discovers that she's the latest reincarnation of a goddess and must drink the blood of her immortal protector, Julian, in order to reawaken and continue her three thousand year old mission to defeat Lycaon, the original werewolf.

With the help of Julian and an organisation of people with supernatural abilities, Lauren fights for her life, their future and the fate of mankind against Lycaon and his deadly army, but can she succeed when Lycaon has killed all of her predecessors?

Can she crack the armour around Julian's heart and seize her happily forever after with him? And can Julian bring himself to trust Lauren with the fragments of his heart after everything he's been through."

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