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Born in the backwoods of South Georgia in a truck stop toilet, Jimmy Pudge came into this world on 6-9-1979. Incarcerated on several bullshit charges in the past, he has extensive knowledge about the criminal mind and incorporates it into all of his magical tales of horror. From crazy vampires to piss guzzling zombies, shit…you can gets it all in Yo A$$ is Grass: Tales From a Rednek Gangsta and helps Jimmy pay his child support, thus keeping his ass out lockup.

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Interview with Jimmy Pudge

Jimmy Pudge is the author of Yo A$$ Is GRA$$: Tales From a Rednek Gangsta and up coming tile Bad Billy.

HP: Hello, Jimmy. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jimmy Pudge: I’ve been writing for over 15 years now and just recently decided to try my hand at self-publishing. I had over one hundred rejections before I received my first acceptance. I’ve been a hard worker all my life and only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to writing. But I try to write every minute I can. To me writing is a way of coping with my emotions. It’s an outlet.

HP: Do you remember how and when you started writing?

Jimmy Pudge: Well, I’ve always loved to tell stories. I used to tell ghost stories at night as a kid, and I just naturally gravitated to writing and horror as a result of this. The first time I wrote, it was as a child, looking at a picture book of E.B. White’s Stuart Little. I saw the pictures and decided to write a story based on them. My story wasn’t nowhere near as good as White’s, but I remember the sense of satisfaction I felt completing it.

HP: Do you think any author maybe inspired you or that you look up to, if so who and why?

Jimmy Pudge: There are many authors I admire for many different reasons. Some are masters at plot, others master of dialogue. Some just have the greatest characters you’re gonna find. I’d have to say out of all the authors I’ve read, John D. MacDonald has probably been my biggest inspiration, just because I’ve read more of his books than anyone else’s. His Travis McGee series is the best series in all of literature, in my opinion. He’s got a way with words; he can discuss such things as the beauty of Florida’s wilderness being destroyed by motels, and you don’t feel like it’s a lecture. It just goes so well with the story. His plots are always riveting, and he writes action better than most.  

HP: Your novel, Yo A$$ Is GRA$$: Tales From a Rednek Gangsta, is well I assume an anthology, sort of; a novel of short stories all by you?

Jimmy Pudge: Yes, that’s correct. It’s composed of eight short stories that focus on lowlifes. It breaks a lot of publishers’ guidelines; you’re not going to find a likable protagonist here. You’re not going to see an author who is holding back either. My stories are shrouded in dark humor, horror and even erotica. I call them beautiful tales for horrible people. You have to have a certain type of humor to enjoy them. I chose this title mainly because I felt it was the best way to let people know what these stories are about. I don’t want someone wasting their hard earned dollar on a book that is completely different from what they expect. It’s not a collection of stories for people who hate horror, erotica, crime or vulgar language. It is very original and probably unlike anything you’ve ever read. So if you’re looking for something different, this is it.

HP: Can you tell us a little bit about it and where you came up with the idea for them?

Jimmy Pudge: Less than a year ago, I spoke with an agent who was interested in representing me. The problem, however, he told me, was that what I wrote wasn’t sellable. My stuff was a combination of genres, and he felt I needed to hone in on one genre only and write a novel based on that. Well, I gave it a shot and felt miserable as I wrote. I finally abandoned that project and decided to brave the self-publishing waters.  

“Yo A$$ Is GRA$$” is essentially a collection of stories about losers in bad situations. Crackheads, methheads, killers and even a gorgon with a dirty job make up this world of darkness. I expected the collection to flop. I expected the collection to get horrible reviews. What I didn’t expect was to gain a small fan base and receive such positive praise. I’m humbled at the reception this collection has had. It was even briefly number 13 in horror satire and parodies at Amazon UK. 

HP: Do the tales in the novel all revolve around one topic?

Jimmy Pudge: They are all intertwined by the fact that each story focuses on a particular scumbag. You won’t find any heroes here. Some stories are supernatural, some are crime, and one is science fiction with a touch of mythology.  

HP: Where can we purchase it?

Jimmy Pudge: You can purchase it on Amazon:

HP: You have another novel coming out this month called, Bad Billy. On your page you give a short description of it, would you care to elaborate on the plot a little?

Jimmy Pudge: Bad Billy is the story of two siblings who try to keep the product of their dirty love affair a secret by locking it up in the basement. Billy is a child who grows up in the darkness, innocent and ruthless, na├»ve and dangerous. He finally escapes his prison and steps out into the world for the first time. In a way, Bad Billy is my ode to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Here you have an innocent person whose interactions with society turn him into a monster.

Early reviews have been positive, with one reader saying, “Bad Billy is a cross between Of Mice and Men and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

HP: Can we expect more novels from you in the future?

Jimmy Pudge: Oh yeah. I’m currently working on a novel called Chasing Vampyres. This story centers on a sociopath who is trying to prove to himself that he is not a sociopath.

HP: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Jimmy Pudge: I thank you all so much for giving me a shot. I realize there are tons of 99 cent books out there for you to choose from, so I aim not to disappoint. My work will always be edited and polished before you see it. That’s my promise to you. You can also always expect originality, horror and dark humor.

HP: What are some of your favorite books and are you reading anything interesting right now?

Jimmy Pudge: I admire a lot of books. Some of the most memorable titles have been The Education of Little Tree, The Green Ripper, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Anatomy of a Killer. Right now, I’m reading a book called Let the Right One In, and it’s a pretty weird read. But I enjoy weird, so I like it.

Books by Jimmy Pudge
Yo A$$ is Gra$$: Tales From A Rednek Gangsta

Coming Soon
Bad Billy--Expected Publication Date: September 2011

Also find Jimmy at:

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